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 Notes over the Story and the Characters

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PostSubject: Notes over the Story and the Characters   Notes over the Story and the Characters Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 1:36 pm

[I tried to keep it condensed so not EVERY detail is in here, naturally, because that would take forever and if you wanted every detail you can just read the 9 pages. Any who, here ya go!]

Setting: Houston, the city. Weather is currently cold. Boundary lines between werewolf territory and vampire territory are indiscriminately marked.

Can have clan markings/tattoo, can turn dogs vampiric.
“There are two types of vampires: purebloods and fledglings. Purebloods, when they were changed into a vampire the blood used were from the original vampire. The blood used to change fledgling are the pureblood’s blood or another fledgling’s blood. Also, all vampires have super strength, speed, and smell, but a pureblood gets another ability. That ability is that if we ever feed on someone with super natural powers, we gain that power."

Evelyn- a small female vampire, is a loner, and fierce. Feeds on children?
"Furthermore, she was a vampire. That night, she would have given a handful of the earths' children an early bedtime." Fond of gothic architecture, afternoons make her restless. Owns a black/white calico cat named Lucy (Evey has a thing for rescuing animals though they don't care for her much). Estranged grandmother delt in witchcraft and offered to trade 10 year old Evey for regaining her powers. Evey was then the indentured servant to a savage pack of werewolves. At 18 she attempted to commit suicide, where Alexander intercepted her and turned her into a vampire, a sudden action for which he feels extreme guilt.
Fabrizio, has a flair for poetic dialogue. Strong and daring. Cunning and persistent. Turns out to be rather naive and pathetic.
Alexander, Evelyn's dark father, past lover, their relationship turned sour over the years, however, she is still devotedly loyal to him. He's very fast and can read minds, an old foe to Haku. After briefly facing off with Haku, wants Evey to leave Houston for her protection.
Ethan, plays piano, knows where the ODS (0rder of the Divine Sunflower) is, likes Haku. Likes the taste of strawberry ice cream. Is drinking buddies with Kieran
Alfonse, the actual leader of La Moire Pecora (lots of them smoke), the clan to which Lorenzo and Fabrizio belong. He's not a pureblood and his strength isn't keen, however, the clan is undoubtedly loyal to him.
Matteo, a well kept vampire.
Victor Corrado, An ancient, and nefarious creature, he is one of the most disgusting vampires in existence. He loathes Laufeia's existence. They were once allies but, after discovering how corrupt he was, Laufeia deserted him, he hunted her ever since. Now obviously ticked off by her decision to join werewolves.
Rieno, a pureblood from the East with a child companion. Has never seen a werewolf before, seems oblivious to the rules of this territory. Takes an unprecedented interest in Addie, going so far as to connect a blood-bond with her so that he can speak to her mind and control her dreams.

Cory, a (college-age) werewolf that can hide his smell. Favorite article of clothing is a brown jacket. Killed the vampire Lorenzo after being attacked. Lives in the top floor of a five story complex apartment, moved to Houston after Cory's changing (were previously from Michigan).Has good balance. Cory cannot transform into a full werewolf. Something interrupted his changing as a boy and he can now only get taller, bulky, keen senses, speed, and rejuvenation. Cory's mother was human, killed by a vampire during his changing.
Philip, Cory's aging father, has a deep voice. Owns the mechanic shop near the apartments, family run.
Stephen, younger brother, recently changed.. (<--Mentioned in post 1, page 1)
Uncle Stephen, Sam's father, eldest and most experienced werewolf in their family
John, brother of Cory, likes Katherine
Jeremy, brother of Cory, tall, toned with broad shoulders.
Elizabeth, younger sister of Cory, was saved by him from a hungry vampire, making her at fault for his inability to fully transform.
Addie, (full name Adrianna) small, statured, has a bad sense of direction, naturally warm, when in thought is oblivious to the outer world. When posed with a threat, becomes a thoughtless berserker. When she comes back into a 'normal state' is very weakened from this exertion of raw power and exhibits weakness in body and mind, requiring rest and nourishment thereafter. Sensitive to nature, hides her emotions with a blank smile. Has a blood lust for killing. Light brown eyes. Seems to be clairvoyant in her dreams.
Whole family came to witness her changing, was one of the few females of her pack to become a 'protector'. Vampires unceremoniously broke out a large scale battle with the werewolves present, saturating the area with some sort of flammable liquid. Unable to call out, Addie, mistaken to be a helpless human, is taken by a vampire to be used as sustenance. Addie received a bite to she shoulder before her mother had slain the vampire. Still unable to move, unable to look away, Addie witnessed the vampires light a ring of fire around the werewolf family, causing their instincts to override their reason and mercilessly slaughtered them before her. A different vampire comes before Addie as she goes unconscious. When she awakens, she's alone in the same place and decides to get away from there and starts her journey.
Kieran, seems to be on the side of the vampires, an old 'friend' of Addie. Dark hair. Calls Addie 'angel', hasn't seen her for 150 years. Helped to start the war but intended to keep Addie out of it. Addie and him have shared feelings of interest and protection.
A brutal clan of werewolves said to be very protective of their human relatives.
Vanessa, now dead, was once a member, killed by Fabrizio.
Arthur, brother of Sam
Sam, a non-wolf wild, cousin of Cory, daughter of Stephen, sister of Arthur

The Peacekeepers:
Keep humans safe from non-human forces. Once the organization was very large with humans, werewolves and vampires working for peace. But the Divine Sunflower was disgusted by how the creatures were together in friendship and destroyed them save Hector, Lin, Mira and Shiro. Sunflowers mark the graves of the fallen Peacekeepers. When a familiar dies, all their memories are erased along with the memories of their master, completely erasing them from existence. However Lin and Hector are some how an exception. Only people close to the familiar can hear them talk. They got their elemental medallions from a box in the possession of Mira's late mother.
Hector, a gun assassin generates power from the stars, uses stardust
Lin, a feline familiar, uses void and speaks for Mira (the three Peacekeepers came upon Lin as she was fading away/dying [hurt by a hunter in the Order, an old friend of Hector named Will] and all sacrificed something to save her. Mira, her voice, Shiro, his agility, and Hector, his strength).
Mira, a Valkyrie that generates power from the sun, she and Hector are in a relationship, uses fire.
Shiro, a swordsman that generates power from the moon, makes water and ice. Has a scar on his back that grows when he uses it to rejuvenate or gain power. Is currently 80% Got that scar from a whip.

Order of the Divine Sunflower:
Human hunters of non-human entities. Wants to instigate a war between the vampires and werewolves so they kill each other off. HQ is a seemingly dirty, abandoned warehouse that's fashioned like a grand mansion inside.
Eliza, flying-pig familiar of 1st Rank Petal Haku
Haku, 1st Rank Petal in the Order, plays piano, is closest to the Divine Sunflower (assumed by rank), Haku has plans to destroy Sarah, is the keeper of the familiars. She has a contract of servitude to Sarah. Was friends with Ethan since she was young. (Eli, a fellow hunter, and her were born into the Order. Alexander and Ethan were friends but now Ethan was hanging around Haku and Eli and this made him jealous, thus causing Alexander to turn Eli into a vampire. Eli fed off Haku, Haku was forced to kill him. Now wishing to kill Alexander, but too weak to do so, Ethan placed Haku in suspended animation for about 70? years. However, Sarah woke her up before Ethan and in doing so, forced Haku into a contract of servitude for her, calling for the cleansing of the world. This brings us up to date.)
The Divine Sunflower: Sarah, likes girl scout cookies and Twilight, was put in jail after a mass murder of the Peacekeeper Organization. Can bend reality to her will. Wields the powerful sword, the Divine Sunflower.
Lilian, told by Haku to befriend Hector to keep an eye on him, later told to kill Hector, has a snake familiar named Luke. Has an affinity with falcons. Killed by Hector, was able to control wind. Luke is now Haku's familiar.
Kali, a female that wields a battle axe
Touriyu, Kali's porcupine familiar
Shiriyu, male that wields 3 lances, controls earth
Mamiru, Shiriyu's mouse familiar
Isui, tall male wields a bow, no familiar (might have been Lin) Uses poisoned arrow heads, controls lightening.
All of them are now dead, the familiars Touriyu and Mamiru go to Haku.

Vanessa, a tall, pleasant waitress of an Italian resturant, looks a lot like Evelyn. Is interested in Fabrizio though she doesn't know he's a vampire. Bares the mark of the Wyld on her shoulder (a tattoo of canine teeth)- Fabrizio drinks her blood and kills her.
Katherine, is a good cook, shares a room in the top floor Cory's family lives in, might fancy Cory. Twin sister of the Divine Sunflower.
Sam, Cory's female cousin. Is a non-wolf Wyld
Niccoli, the Mexican child companion to Rieno, an orphan, doesn't talk much
Steven and Chris, Laufeia's neighbors

Laufeia, an stoic, observant, female, never seems to speak (but can), constantly in thought. 'Orange?' Orange said something to Cory (warns him that Hector, is hunting him) and why? Doesn't speak through her mouth but through physical contact with another, perhaps telepathically, threw citrus juices her body excretes. Seems to have the same essence as a fruit. Neither vampire nor werewolf. Is affected by the sun. Has vampire fangs.

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PostSubject: The Story   Notes over the Story and the Characters Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 1:42 pm


Haku suggests the Peacekeeper Hector place Katherine, friend of the werewolves, in vampire territory to be destroyed, thus causing war to erupt between them in the name of revenge. As the tension begins to escalate between vampire and werewolf, Cory's family decides to leave Houston, basing it on protecting their youngest, Elizabeth. Cory, Jeremy and Kathrine stay behind to fight it out. Finds Addie in the alleys mentioning how she's finally found another werewolf family before passing out. He takes her to his apartment to recuperate. Hunters Hector and Lilian capture Katherine and put her on vampire territory covered in their scent, Addie, however, recaptures her easily after causing some damage to the hunters. Fabrizio, in a panic, contacts Alexander, whose currently in Evelyn's apartment to protect her, to inform him of this event, mistaking the hunters for actual vampires. Alfonso has convened to consult all the vampires for their consent to going to war with the werewolves. The war is authorized, however Evelyn and Alexander have chosen to leave Houston to not participate in it. Shiro is knocked unconscious by Haku and sent back to the Hunters along with the warning that Lilian has been ordered to kill Lin, inadvertently destroying both her and Hector. Cory and Jeremy, having gone out to retrieve Katherine reach the border and cannot cross, Laufia, however, goes in their stead.

While Addie is trying to find the apartment, they just go deeper into vampire territory and are intercepted by Haku who tosses a sunflower to Katherine which is meant to inform her of her sister's (the divine sunflower) escape from prison. Hector and Shiro spot Addie and Katherine and, now that Hector has separated from the Order, He and Shiro are told by Addie, who senses vampires near, to take Katherine somewhere safe. Hector decides to stay with Addie to fight and a chaotic battle ensues with no end in sight while Addie goes berserker and Shiro and Kathrine flee to the Barn where Mira and Lin hide out. During the battle, two strong vampires appear with one other being, not intending to fight. That one person, Kieran, locks Addie's arms and convinces her not to attack them as they leave the city. She's in shock as this is the first time in 150 years they've met. As the vampires leave, so too does Kieran, leaving Addie in disbelief. At the Barn Katherine is told the history of the Peacekeepers and is allowed to hear Lin's voice. Laufeia appears at the barn and takes Katherine back to Cory against Shiro's protests. Addie intercepts them and puts Katherine on her back, following Laufeia, whom she distrusts. Once they meet Cory on the other side they learn that Jeremy has been taken somewhere by the Divine Sunflower, believing her to be Katherine. Katherine, Addie, Laufeia and Cory decide now to hunt down the Divine Sunflower.

In the meantime, Alexander admits to Evelyn in an new location still, lamentably, in Houston, that the reason he left her was because he couldn't stand to be with her. He never felt that he deserved the feelings she had for him. But ultimately decides that he's going to 'eat up his guilt' and love her like this, selfishly, because he can't keep away even if he wanted to. They kiss.As the group searches for Jeremy, they end up at the mechanic shop where, after entering, Jeremy shows up, collapsed, at the front door. They take him home to heal while he tells them that the Divine Sunflower attacked him and put him in a dumpster then disappeared, sounding angry. Laufeia also enters the top floor of Cory's family's apartment. Haku somehow wakes up in Ethan's richly decorated apartment, in Ethan's bed, beside shirtless Ethan. However, nothing happened, except he gives her a little kiss. Lilian finaly finds and attacks and is killed by Hector, Haku is now Luke's master. Haku meets Sarah in the park, mentioning a contract and that she summons all familiars. Sarah decides to send the Unlucky Clover Squad after the Peacekeepers. The Unlucky Clover Squad is defeated and Hector is killed, but, somehow, revives and the four of them go off somewhere to heal.

Fabrizio kills a seemingly unimportant human only to find out she's a member of the werewolf Wyld clan. Disoriented, he forgets to cover his scent, smears he blood all over her room, and left dismembered parts in a forest in the Woodlands, Galveston and the ship channel. Ethan finds Fabrizio and is very, very angry, crushes his ribs and Fabrizio relates that he left the linen in which her body had been carried near Evelyn's apartment. Ethan brings Fabrizio before Alexander and Evelyn, they decide to finally leave Houston before things got tense and Fabrizio is left to the judgment of his clan and the mercy of the Wylds. Addie decides to leave Cory to get clean by a river where Kieran finds her, bathes her, and takes her to his apartment offering her new clothes. John returns to the family apartment in a huff because he couldn't reach anyone, but, he's calmed and tells them that Philip sent him to bring the rest of them out of Houston. Laufeia rejoins Cory. Cory meets the werewolves in his apartment and they suddenly realize that the hunters are behind this war.

Haku stole Kathrine again to get the werewolves to come to the 'meeting place'. Kathrine, Jeremy, Cory, Laufeia Addie, Kieran, a third werewolf, Eliza, Hector, Mira, Lin, Shiro Haku and Ethan are all present. In this 'conference' Ethan explains that there are two powerful swords, The Celestial Moonlily and The Divine Sunflower. The one who holds a stronger will will defeat the others sword. Sarah, obviously, wields the Divine Sunflower. Haku currently has the Celestial Moonlily, which she has now decided to give to Katherine in order for her to defeat Sarah. Ethan and Haku also divulge their life story to the company. Meanwhile, Evelyn and Alexander make it to Texarkana, however, the Wyld still finds them. Alexander rushes Evey over the state line and leaves her there, going alone to fight off the Wylds who also involved other clans as a precaution during war. The Peacekeepers find a book that relates the fate of their parents in the Sunflower Crusades, rendering a gruesome and merciless death. Addie and Kieran with Ethan and Haku go out to a pub on a 'double date', of sorts. Back at Cory's apartment a fight breaks loose over Laufeia as a vampire enemy of hers brings 4 others and involves the werewolves in the battle. A sofa is tossed at John and he is injured and Cory notices that Laufeia has vampire fangs. Otherwise, the battle is ended without a hitch. Victor, however, escapes.

In the clearing, Evelyn is attacked and mauled by a single wyld wolf, Arthur, Sam's brother. Accidentally dialing Sam's number instead of his uncles, Arthur is persuaded into bringing Evelyn to the apartment where Cory resides, he reluctantly obeys after thrusting a branch through Evey's heart. After half a day of running, Arthur asks for someone to pick him up in Cleveland, taking his car, Cory and Laufeia do so. Off somewhere in the woods, Rieno feeds off Niccoli, but he's too weak to let him drink enough and he enters the pub just as the 'double date' starts getting cozy. Rieno kills one woman then toys with Addie's emotions by ruthlessly flirting with her, he's never seen a werewolf before. Kieran takes Addie away before she turns berserker on him. As the Pecora convenes to another conference, a mangled corpse comes walking through their midst and collapses, being taken by Alfonse to the 'preparation room'. After much time, the body animates, it's Alexander, badly damaged by the Wyld's and their companion clans. He managed to survive but worries for Evey, Alfonse decides to send a search party for her.
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Me like this
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Notes over the Story and the Characters
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