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 The Story Part 1

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:31 pm

(flashback/dream) ~ * ~ The scene was a pretty meadow filled with sunshine, the wind was lightly blowing, and it was beautiful. There were people all around, looking on at Addie with support.

'Okay Adrianna, I will not lie to you... this will hurt. Beyond anything you have ever undergone. But I know you can do it.' The words came from a beautiful woman of kind nature. 'Your journey is about to begin' The young girl embraced her mother with every bit of love. Her eyes sparked with an indescribable fire. She would become a protector, she would hold her own with the pain.

Her family had prepared everything possible. There was nothing left but to wait. Addie had lay under the shadow of a tree, getting ready to bear the worst. She was strangely content.

Laughter of her younger and older siblings, the whole family had come to support her. After all, it was a rare event that a female of the pack would become a protector. They were known to become the most formidable of fighters.

The wind died down to a nothingness that was more than unnatural. Addie noticed this with a start. She had always been sensitive to nature, even more than the elders, even while she was still considered a human.

She got up with some difficulty, trying to see what was wrong. Her ears heard it first. An ungodly scream, followed by the sound of more howls and snarls... the music of battle, as her mother once said.

It was not far to the clearing where everyone she had ever loved had merrily sat moments before.
The scene had changed, with large wolf forms hunched back, ready to spring at unseen enemies. The largest of them all, a gray and well-worn elder, known to her as Darandos, led the attack. Or seemed to.

The fight looked in her family's favor, every strike spilling a dark substance from their enemy. But by pushing back the shadows, there was consequence. Addie bent to touch some of the residue falling from her unseen attackers. And looked on with horror as she realized that it was not blood, but some sort of flammable powder. She opened her mouth to scream warning, stepping forward. It was then that a pain crushed the heart beneath her chest. She would have crashed to the ground, if not for the vice-like grip that took hold of her ruthlessly a few moments after.

It was strange. She felt no pain, like they had said, save for the fiend that was crushing her windpipes carelessly. But even if she was not held in such a death inducing embrace, Adrianna could not have cried out. Try as she might, she could not move. Her body was locked for the changing

The breath was slowly drained out of her, as the vampire... whose looks were slightly distorted... grinned maliciously. Because in this battlefield, this BLOODBATH, she was very human. And to him, a wonderful snack to fill him.

His movements were quick and undaunted. He bit into her left shoulder harshly, breaking the flesh easily. He drew an indecent amount of blood, the bright red liquid spilling over onto the grass.

Then suddenly, he didn't have a hold of her anymore. A sleek russet wolf had a hold of the vampire's limbs, tearing the immortal apart. With her loud roar, the torn male realized too late that a mother's fury should not be tested.

Sparks suddenly flew from all directions, as if the vampires had decided to execute their plan now of all times. Flames grew around every wolf, and they were entrapped in a circle of fire. The beasts backed away from the heat, momentarily panicked, their instincts getting away from reason.

Addie watched listlessly a few yards away, strangely missed by all. Her eyes were dully fixed on her mother, now enraptured in a six-on-one fight, hopelessly surrounded. Addie's eyes were unable to close. The heat of the flames overwhelmed her, but never touching her, as she witnessed her entire family losing their lives painfully.

Tears flowed out of her faster than the blood from her wound. When they said hurt, she only thought the stories meant physical pain. But never this. She watched as the vampires ruthlessly murdered everyone, one by one. The rage inside was building, and her mind seemed to go in and out of coherent thoughts. The grass made a crunching noise; one of the vampires had found her. 'Poor little cub' she heard. Whether it was male or female, she couldn't tell. But that didn't matter. 'you want to die, don't you?' the vampire knelt down to Addie's level, the condescending tone thick and sickening. Addie fumed with hate. Her vision blanked, and her hand twitched in movement for the first time...


When she finally opened her eyes, the field was bare, burnt, and broken. There was no vampires, and not one of her family. She had to leave, there was nothing for her here. Was the changing complete? She only felt weak, but her lonely journey started, so she had to keep away from anyone who might come after her.

As before, the sun shine perfectly, and nobody could dispute that it was a beautiful day.
Unearthly so. ~ * ~

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:07 am

Cory grabbed the young werewolf and carried her a short way off to his Dodge Viper. He flipped open his phone as he started the car. The engine roared to life as he put it into first gear and sped off into the night.

"Jeremy, listen, I found another werewolf, I need you to get Katherine up and get a bed ready. She passed out after being attacked by three thugs, I think she passed out from exhaustion though." Cory half yelled into the phone.

"What?" a confused Jeremy answered.

"Oh for the love of... just give the phone to Katherine."

"Cory? Whats wrong?" Katherine asked, obviously concerned.

"I found a young werewolf, probably a year past her changing. She isn't responding so I need a bed when I get there."

"Where did you find her?"

"Downtown, wandering around, I'm about 50 miles from the apartment. So I'll see you in about 20 minutes." Cory then hung up the phone and concentrated on driving. Luckily it was midnight so traffic was to a minimum. Unluckily though, he was about to pass through vampire territory. At 150 miles per hour though, very few things stop you.

Bright white light flooded through the back of the car. "Well I guess I found one of those things." Cory looked back and saw the face of an angry vampire behind the wheel of a 350Z. "You want to stop me bloodsucker?" Cory mused, "Catch me first." He reached over and turned off the lights of his car. A second later, the vampire followed suit.

The vampire was keeping pace with Cory. Everything was now a blur to Cory, signs, trees. If he wasn't a werewolf he wouldn't have been able to see at all. Cory shifted up to the added seventh gear and started to leave the vampire behind. Driving at speeds close to 180 miles per hour, he roared past anything stupid enough to be in his way. A few minutes later he lost sight of the vampire completely. Pulling into the apartment complex, he slammed the parking break on and rushed Addie upstairs.

Addie's eyes opened up to see two concerned werewolves and a human looking down at her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:34 pm

Before long, Alexander was by Evelyn's side, once again. She lifted her eye above the book she was reading to find him standing in the doorway with a disgruntled look on his face. The book slipped from her hands and landed neatly on her lap. "What's wrong?," she softly inquired.

He stood in place across the room. "Pack your bags, Evey," he straightened up and met her eyes with unwaivering intensity. "We're leaving, tonight."

She studied his face hesitating to peer into his mind "Why? Has the clan started the war?" He answered abruptly, "No. That's not it."

"What is it, then?" She set the book down on her nightstand and walked closer to him.

"I found a hunter in our area. She was armed. It's likely that she has been assigned to take us out," he explained, but the explanation did not satisfy Evelyn. She countered him before he could continue, "We've had problems with hunters before. We've never hidden from them," she paused, "What is it that's truly bothering you?"

"You, Evelyn. You are my problem," he was visibly frustrated and turned to look at her wearily. His words pierced Evelyn's frigid exterior and bore a hole within her. "For once," he said, "I would like for us to have a happy ending."

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:09 pm

She sat up and rolled to the floor, startled at the unfamiliar scene. Her vision spun for a second, then focused on the strangers staring at her with questionable looks on their faces. "Where am I?" She demanded suspiciously, unsure of whether they were friend or foe.

"Whoa, hold on now" Cory held his hands up in a friendly manner. "I just saved your life, and you want to FIGHT?" Addie glanced him over carefully, wondering if to trust him or not. Crossing her legs into a sitting position, she decided the trio before her was not a threat. "I thank you kindly for the assistance" her head bowed slightly, an automatic gesture on her part.

Her heart almost fluttered from the excitement of interaction with another being. She hadn't spoken to any soul, whether human, werewolf, or vampire, in a very, very, long time. Not since... Addie unconsciously repressed the thought away. Instead she inquired with new found energy, "and you are..?"

Perhaps these people wouldn't mind here staying here. ...Wherever 'here' was. How long HAD it been since [i]he[/i] was with her? Internally, Addie shook her head. Those were memories long gone.

She turned her attention to the female of the group, and the only human. It was her who had spoken up, cutting off Cory entirely. He looked like he would have rather skipped the 'small talk' and ask questions.

Addie noted this with a bit of annoyance. But at least the human was courteous.

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:04 pm

Down an Alleyway and around a corner, Lin walks around a trashcan.
Lin walks around the trashcan some more.

"Quiet" As the trashcan rustles.
"What are you doing in there?"
"Trying to be stealthy"
"Have you been playing metal gear solid again?"
"No I was watching the trailer for Metal Gear 4"
Lin twitches and hops on top of the trashcan.
"Yeah and what do you think Snake does about this?"
"Lin I think you should move."
"Yeah? And what are you going to do about it mister Snake?" Lin meows as she makes herself comfortable.
"THIS!" Hector cries out as he pushes up on the trashcan.
"Oh too slow~"
Lin pushes down with some force and keeps the lid from launching her off.
"This is messed up." As Hector rolls up inside the trashcan.
"No, This is you in a trashcan."

Hector pulls out his main gauche and cuts a hole in the side of the trashcan.
"You didn't have to do that you know."
"I wanted to teach you a lesson"
"But I tell you its useful!"
Lin's tail shoots straight up and so does her ears, she looks up toward the roof of the building.
"Hector..." Lin whispers,"S-s-something s-s-strong is up t-t-there..."
"But what is it?" Hector asks while he pulls out his satchel and some needles.
"I c-can't tell!" Lin hissed, as she jumps onto Hector's shoulder.
Hector jumps between the two walls and up onto the roof. The two men around the corner notice Hector's presence is gone and rushes to the area he just left.

"C-c-careful H-hector!"
"Can't you spot where its at?"
An arrow flies out at Hector's feet, and a young girl appears in front of him.
"Mira!?" Hector cries out,"I thought you told me to be careful Lin!"
"I was joking, she was nearby thats why."
Mira bows and smiles at Hector, While Hector withdraws his weaponry, Lin jumps to her side and she begins to pet her.Mira appears to be whispering in Lin's ears. Lin begins to translate for Her as well.
"Mira says, 'You're getting too slow Hector."
"I know, I know but you caught me off guard since I'm relying on Lin for this."
"Mira says, 'how goes our plan of peace?'"
"I think that it's impossible unless I befriend someone from both sides."
"Mira says, 'what do you think of the Divine Sunflower's hunters?'"
"Scary, They're very skilled, and I've yet to see the leader."
"Mira says, 'I think you need to watch out more, they might be getting on to you'"
"I know"
"Mira says, 'Do not befriend anyone in the Divine sunflower's hunters, they're sharp people, soon they will find out about our plan."
"I've met one of the higher ranking Hunters, Haku."
"Mira says, 'Ah I've heard about her, I think you can be a good match against her....but, your easily distracted and I Know you'll go down very quickly."

Hector looks down and kicks his feet, A breeze kicks up behind him as the clouds move in the night sky.

"Mira says, 'I must go soon, I'll leave Lin in your care longer.'"
Lin hops back onto Hector's shoulders, Mira and Hector embrace each other in their arms.
"Take care Mira, and watch out."
They hug, and Mira back flips off the Roof and disappears from Hector's sight. Lin licks Hector's wound and meows,"Too bad she'll never recognize you."
"She can't express words anymore, and only you can understand her as you can understand me." Hector says as he looks up at the cloudy moon.
"Don't worry Hector, Mira will be fine!"
"I know she's fully capable of taking down an army herself."
"Don't forget we need to investigate and befriend, those are our current objectives."
"So what do you propose we do first?"
"Investigate all three sides, Hunters, Vampires, and Werewolves."
"Then let's go see what Haku is up to, shall we?"
Hector flips off the roof and heads back toward the warehouse.
"Hector! You left me behind!" Lin cries out as she runs after him
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:07 pm

Ethan pulled Haku’s head to the side. He got closer and closer, she could feel his breathe on her neck. “What the fuck are you doing?” she asked with a deadpan expression on her face.

“Just messing with you,” he said with a smile. He brought his lips close to her ear, “Alexander was right, you are getting weak.” He took quite a few steps back and plugged his ears, while Eliza flew off Haku’s head and on to Ethan’s also covering her ears.

“I AM NOT GETTING WEAK!!!” exclaimed Haku, her arms failing about.

“Then why did you almost lose?” he said, his smirk getting wider.

“I-I-I Eliza wasn’t there so I didn’t know there was another vampire,” she said as her face gets really red.

“Excuses, excuses,” he said and took a few step closer. Ethan pinched both of Haku’s cheeks and teased, “Awww, Haku’s so cute when she pouts.”

“Wait, how do you know that I had a fight with Alexander?”

“Well, I promise my little brother that I would look after his cute friend, so I decided to check up on how you were doing,” he laughs as he pinched her cheeks even more. He suddenly decided to stop and flung himself onto the couch.

“I hate you.”

“Right,” he grinned, “and the Divine Sunflower is a teenage girl who’s obsessed with a vampire romance novel. Anyways, on to more important stuff, don’t you think it’s about time you call upon what my little brother gave you and kill Alexander.”

“No, I don’t want to kill him. I want him to live for eternity completely broken.”

“Well, there’s no time like-” he stopped. His face changed from a smile to a scowl and he stood up, broke the coffee table in half. “Two hunters are coming and their familiars will smell vampire all over this room.” He then sent the couch flying at the wall.

“Couldn’t I have cover your scent instead of destroying my furniture? This stuff is expensive,” Haku sighed as she sent a dagger through the piano and another through an armchair.

Ethan leaped onto a chandelier and then onto one of the high windows, “It was nice talking to you Haku, we’ll continue this conversation later,” and he left as the chandelier came crashing down.

“Dramatic bastard,” Haku said as the door to the warehouse was flung open and Lilian and Hector both shout, “Our familiars sensed a really strong vampire here.” They looked around in shock at the totaled room.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:08 pm

“What happened here?” Hector asked.

“One of the high level vampires decided to come and pay me a visit. There was a fight, and he felt you two coming so he escaped,” Haku explained. “Anyways…WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE I THOUGHT I SENT YOU ON A MISSION!”

“Hey, you didn’t tell me what the girl looked like!”

“I didn’t…sorry.” She pulled a folder out of the wreckage and a picture out of the folder. “Here, oh, and this is Lilian she will be your partner. Both of you will leave your familiars here, because if you went into vampire territory with them they would know right away that you’re a hunter.” She pulls something out of her pockets and throws them at Lilian and Hector.

“Perfume?” Hector questioned.

“It’s to make you smell like vampires so they don’t think you’re a midnight snack.”

The two take off for their mission. Haku looks at the familiars around her. “Hmmm…introductions are in order.” Haku points to the Falcon, “That’s Lilian’s familiar, his name is Luke. Luke this is Lin, Hector’s familiar. Now, there was two reasons why I asked them to leave you two behind. One, I didn’t want them to be recognized as hunters. Two, I need help cleaning up this place, so let’s start cleaning!”

The familiars sweat dropped.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:12 pm

"Move quickly, and don't land on anything that will make sudden noises." Hector says, as he leaps from roof to roof. Lilian follows behind with her short sword swinging at her side.
"But, Hector what if something attacks us, we won't be able to tell what it is!"
"Then follow this simple rule, if it attacks you, attack back, no questions asked."
"But what about children!?" Lilian responded,"They're innocent children!"
"It doesn't matter, even children can become killers." Hector said as a grim feeling was felt around him. Lilian fell silent and they came upon the Wolves' Apartment.

"Ok, here's the plan, first I'll throw in a smoke bomb and a pepper bomb,the smoke bomb will mess up their sight and the pepper bomb will mess up their sense of smell, next any wolves that are in our way we subdue but not kill." As Hector pulled out his bombs,"By subdue I mean either knockout or put them out of commission temporarily."
Lillian nods as she pulls out her short sword.
"Our target is a normal human girl, you can tell since she's probably the only one not buffed up."

Hector pulls out a scarf and wraps it over his face, next he puts on a pair of goggles.
"Keep your face hidden with something, also to help prevent the pepper bomb from getting to you."
"Oh you mean like a Ninja!?"
"Yeah, sure like a ninja."
Lilian puts on a mask that covers her face, Hector looks at her with a face of embarrassment.
"Lilian what is that?"
"It's a Ninja mask!"

"Remember move fast, and try to find the Target."
"Oh, Hector we need to move as slowly as we can too."
"Huh?" Hector asks,"For what reason?"
"Werewolves has a keen sense of hearing, we have to scale the wall instead of jumping."
"Then let's do that."
Hector and Lilian leap off the nearby building and onto the street, they both quietly move to the side of the apartment. Above a light is seen coming out of a window, and some indistinctable chatter is heard. Hector points his hand up as they both begin to Scale the wall. After about five minutes they are inches outside the window.

"I found you..."
"another werewolf family... I wont be alone anymore"
"Who are you?"

Hector quickly throws the smoke and pepper bombs into the window.

Cory and gang begin to cough as Hector and Lilian leap through the window.
"Cory!" Katherine cries out as she is taken away, and Lilian follows behind.
"Quiet!" Hector punches Katherine in the stomach and leaps out the window.
Katherine passes out and Lilian looks at Hector,"I don't think that was necessary."
"I didn't want to hear her incessant cries"

Hector and Lilian reach the vampire's territory, Hector places Katherine on the ground and both of them flee the area.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:19 pm

Addie saw the bombs roll in before they exploded. “What is...?” She rolled out of the way and held her breath. The others were unaware and unprepared. They caught the full effects of both the smoke and pepper attacks.

Grabbing the sill of the window, she swung to the outside of the apartment, in order to get clear of the smoke. She looked up just in time to see two vampires with the girl that she had just met. Addie didn’t even know her name.

Annoyance sent a shiver through her body, as her benefactor was just stolen away. Taking one last glance at to the room, where the two werewolves were still choking on the smoke, Addie let go of the window and jumped off after the two kidnappers. She started analyzing them from a certain distance to find any advantages.

Addie had followed them for a good hour when they reached a city block with even more vampires, ‘Of course’ she thought. ‘everything is always ruined by them’. The werewolf crouched down to gather a burst of speed, then rushed a male vampire.

The vampire turned back at the last second, sensing danger. But that was a second too late. Addie caught his foot and brought him down in one quick motion. Then turning to the Female vampire, Addie threw a roundhouse kick in her direction. The vampire jumped out of the way. “not good enough” she said. Addie smiled, her experience a clear advantage. She had no intention of the kick connecting. She wanted a clear shot at getting Katherine away. “oh, I think it was”

The vampire ran toward her adversary, pulling out a knife from her jacket pocket. She took a violent swing upward, trying to cut the girl in half. Addie ducked sideways, her eyes flashing a bit crimson, and a huge smile on her face. “that leaves you open, you know” and with a quick jerk, she elbowed the vampire in her right side. Without stopping to check the effects of her blow, she continued forward and scooped up Katherine. “urg!” she grunted, “I wasn’t made for carrying people”.

And turning around, she headed back in the direction of the apartment. Or what she hoped was the right direction.

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:33 pm

After much deliberation, Evelyn convinced Alexander to stay in Houston for the night. It would not be wise for them to make any sudden erratic movement while their relationships with the werewolves was so tense. Anything could tear at the gentle fabric both sides rested upon. That anything made its way to Evelyn and Alexander's door. It rapped at their door loudly, frantically. Evelyn made her way to the door without haste. She wasn't surprised at all to find a very disgruntled Fabrizio on the other side.

"Back for more?" her voice was overwhelmingly indefferent. Never acknowleging her question, Fabrizio made his way straigth to her living room. He asked while walking, "Where's Alexander?!"

Without any warning, Alexander took hold of Fabrizio by his collar and lifted him upward. "What are you doing?!" he growled at Fabrizio. Wincing in pain, Fabrizio managed to speak. A sense of urgency never escaped his words as he said, "The dogs just took out a group in midtown!" He fell to the ground instantly. Alexander's grip over Fabrizio's collar swiftly disappeared.

Evelyn locked eyes with Alexander. They were both filled with wonder and awe. "That's too far from their boundary..." Evelyn's voice softened as she spoke. Alexander nodded in response and remained silent. Surprisingly, Fabrizio had not bothered to pick himself up yet. Apparently, he was so concerned, he distanced himself from his current setting. "Alfonso is coming to speak to you, purebloods," Fabrizio spoke suddenly and proceeded to fling himself on Evelyn's couch.

Alfonso was the leader of Fabrizio's clan, La Moire Pecora. Unlike Alexander and Evelyn, Alfonso was not a pureblood. While he did not posses boundless physical strength, he did posses an unquestionable inflence over his clan. La Pecora would not move without his consent. Even though the wolves had not attacked his clan, Alfonso felt the threat was clear. The wolves were ready and willing to start a war. their reasons for doing so were irrational and weak. Alfonso did not want to start a war without consulting others, because he knew the decision would affect everyone.

Without fail, Alfonso appeared before Alexander and Evelyn. He did not arrive alone, though. Ethan stood beside Alfonso with a sullen expression on his face mirroring the look Alexander's face. Alexander greeted Ethan with a brotherly embrace and shook Alfonso's hand. Evelyn bolted the door and asked Fabrizio to stay posted by the doorway. She then meet the rest of the group at the kitchen table where they had settled.

Alfonso was the first to speak, "They have made their intentions clear. I intend to protect my clan without any reservation."

Ethan and Alexander both nodded silently, but Ethan was the first to speak, "I do not believe that we wil have any trouble making this decision. Everyone is critically vexed by the wolves' senseless actions. If we continue to allow them to act in that manner, they will infest our territory."

Evelyn complied to his statement in silence. Alexander, though, offered his thoughts. "It's in our best interest to keep them on their side of the line. I won't hesistate to declare war against them."

"I will," Evelyn spoke deliberately, confidently. "I want absolutely nothing to do with the wolves. I will not participate in this squabble. You can war with them as much as you will, like. I, though, will not play a part in this. I have already decided to leave Houston."

Alfonso looked up with concern, "Is that your decision as well, Alexander?"

Alexander looked at Evelyn before answering, "Yes."

Ethan looked irritated, but nonetheless, expressed his own resolution, "I will authorize the war, regardless."

Alfonso looked pleased to their consent, even if Alexander and Evelyn were passive about the war itself, "I too, then authorize the immdeate action of my clan. "

Evelyn crossed her arms, "I authorize the initiation of this war, with the condition that my aid is not appealed for."

Alexander was the last to speak, "It is a consensus then. I authorize the war and leave it in the hands of the factions residing in Houston."

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Mune Muromara

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:45 pm

As Hector and Lilian leave the scene they are separated, Hector meets up with Lin in their hidden meeting area near the Houston art's district.

"How did it go?" Lin Meows
"Smoothly" Hector responded
"How do you feel about doing what you did?"
"I feel pretty bad, I Know what I did was to stick in the sunflower ground, but we must fulfill the plan of peace."
"It'll be awhile..."

Lin and Hector look at each other and Hector drops onto the ground and sits there looking down at Lin.
"Wait a minute..." Hector thought,"How did you get away from Haku, Lin?"
"Oh I just made it seem known that I needed my own time."
"And by that you mean you need a litterbox don't you?"
"Your a familiar, you don't use those."
"Oh well."

An arrow is shot right next to Hector's hand, on it stands a message.

"Hector, The vampires are begining to wage war, abandon the sunflower group and go meet up with 'that' place, Love, Mira"

"You know Hector, the Hunters will be after you since you know about the organization."
"I know, but nothing can stand in our way to achieve what is good for the world."

Lin hops onto Hector's shoulder as he begins heading off North of Houston, into the countryside. The Morning sun begins to rise through the Gray filled skies.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:47 pm

As she promised him, Laufeia had been watching Cory. She saw the hunters make off with Katherine, but it wasn't her she was concerned with. In no time at all she was standing in Cory's apartment. She was standing there when the smoke cleared.

"ugggggggh" Cory moaned, struggling to get up. Jeremy lay quite still on the floor. As Cory looked around, dazed, he saw her. "YOU!?" he roared. "WHERE'S KATHERINE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?" She shook her head slightly, her face stayed calm. She tossed him a lime. "I DON'T WANT YOUR STUPID FRUIT!" Cory stood up and tossed the lime out the window in his fury. She only looked at him. Jeremy had awoken and was watching now. "It vampires." He said slowly.

Cory's face turned red. He smelled it too. "ARRRGH" he charged at Laufeia, reaching for her throat, but she was fast too. She reached out for his outstretched arm, and he noticed that her hand was impossibly swollen. She grabbed his arm and something burst. It was just like with the fruit, only stronger. She didn't say anything, but he "heard" her in his mind.

It wasn't me, where would I have put her? I am not your enemy.

Cory knew she was telling the truth and calmed down. "Why does it smell like vampire?" he asked."Vampires...VAMPIRES! THEY WERE HERE?! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH HER?!" She was still holding his arm tightly and he felt more liquid running down his arm.

It wasn't vampires, that was a fake scent to throw you off. It was the hunter.

Cory remembered the strange man he had met on the roof much earlier that day. "WHERE IS HE?! WE HAVE TO GET HER BACK! WHAT ARE WE STILL DOING HERE?!" Jeremy was at his side now, ready to join his brother on the rescue mission. Both boys looked at Laufeia. She let go of Cory's arm. "Where did they take her?" he asked. She shook her head slightly. "ARGH!" He ran to the still open window and sniffed at the air. The fresh air helped clear his mind and he became more calm, but all he smelt was vampire and pepper spray. He pounded his fist in the window. "Ow!" Then he remembered something. "Your hand," he said as he turned around to face Laufeia. "What's wrong with..." but it wasn't swollen anymore. He remembered the feeling of liquid, and he noticed that something smelt sweet, but he shook his head, deciding that Katherine was more important.

He looked at his brother, they nodded at eachother. He looked at Laufeia, "We're going to look for her." She nodded slightly and followed them out the window.

"Wait," said Cory, looking at Jeremy after they landed on the street far below their window. "What happened to Addie?" He had completely forgotten about the werewolf he had stumbled upon in the streets less than an hour ago. His eyes grew big, and his face threatened to flush with blood again. "What if she..."

"I don't think so," Jeremy answered Cory's unfinished question.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:49 pm

“Haku, why is there a falcon?” asked Eliza.

“Oh, Lilian just like birds and often brings them as a gift for me.”

“Then who’s Lilian familiar?”

“A snake, his name is Luke. I told him to follow Lin. Pfffth, familiars don’t eat or need to use the bathroom. Oh look, I think both Lilian and Luke are back. How was the mission?” she asked as Lilian slid the door open.

“Incredibly easy, the guys a fool.”

“Luke what do you have to say?”

“He’s has a plan and somebody sent him a message. He’s also getting out of the organization.”

“What a pity, he was starting to grow on me too.” Haku said smiling a bit insanely. “Erase him.”

“Ok, we won’t fail.” They leave.

“So that youngling decided to betray us,” stated the Divine Sunflower.

“Perfect timing Sarah, I need more money. As you can see I lack furnishings.”

“Haku, that stuff cost over 100,000 dollars.” She said as she smacked the back of Haku’s head.

“Hey it’s not my fault the vampire broke everything!”





“No! Don’t you have mission you have to go on?!”

“Fine!” she said as she left.

“Finally peace and quiet, like she’s going to get any of my money.” She goes pull out her wallet and it’s gone. “Haaaaaaaakuuuuuu!!!”

A few miles away Haku is buying a brand spanking new grand piano. “What should buy next, Eliza?”
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:59 pm

In a large field, Hector and Lin stand out looking around, Mira approaches from the east carrying a large bag.
"Took you awhile Mira!" Hector shouted.
Mira waved and jumped on ahead, Lin intercepts Mira and jumps onto her shoulder.

"Mira says, I've brought back our true weapons thats why."
Mira opens up the bag and pulls out two dull gray pistols and tosses them to Hector. She then pulls out out a long sword for herself and wraps whatever is left in the bag onto her back with a rope.
"Where is Shiro?" Hector asked as he grabs his pistols and loads it up.
"Mira says, He's already in town watching over the Hunters, He's reported that the Divine Sunflower has also entered the fray."
"Do you think they found out about me?"
"Mira says, Most likely so."
Hector looks back behind him toward the edge of Houston, He takes off his headband and wraps it around his left arm. Mira puts her long sword at her waist and pulls out her bow from behind her.
"It's going to start soon Mira..."
She nods and Lin leaps over to Hector' shoulder once more.
"You remember how you became my Familiar Lin?"
"Clear as yesterday!" Lin smiled as she purred
"Remember, your not like those other Familiar's in the Hunters group, your different."
Lin looks up at Hector licking his face,"Yeah and I saved YOU when you were in trouble."
"Hey just because a vampiric dog is scary enough didn't mean I needed your help."
"Looks like you did though!"
Mira smiles and chuckles a little bit as she moves up behind Hector and grabs his arm.
"Mira says, This will probably the last time I'll be able to do this for awhile."
Hector tilts his head above hers as they both begin to walk back toward Houston.
"The war begins now!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:00 pm

As Hector and Mira walking something blocked their path at the city limits. It was none other than Haku, Eliza, and Shiro, who’s unconscious at her feet. They both took fighting stances and was about to attack.

“Wo, I’m not here to fight you.” She then picked up Shiro and threw him at them. “He’s only unconscious otherwise he should be fine. Next time send a better spy, had it been the Divine Sunflower who had found him he would be worse then dead.”

“Why didn’t you kill?” Hector asked suspiciously.

“I had no reason to. Oh, by the way Lilian is on her way to kill you. I suggest you keep Lin safe because that’s would be Lilian’s target. You know what happens when a familiar dies right.”

Mira face turned from a calm expression to one of horror. She tug on Hector’s sleeve and said something to Lin. “She said, when a familiar dies, the person most important to the familiar’s master will be erase.”

“So they die?”

Haku sigh, “No, they don’t die. They’re erased from existent. Their physical body isn’t gone but every picture or video of them is gone. All memories of them are erased in an instance except for the memories you have of them.”

“As long as I remember them I’m fine.”

“You didn’t let me finish. The memories you have of them will also be erased one by one and you will see them fad away.”

“Why would something like that happen?!”

“To insure the familiar’s life. Hunters have always used familiars but a lot of them didn’t care about their familiar and would just let them die, thinking that they could just get another one. That’s why this was ‘contract’ was made. If you die however nothing will happen to your familiar. The familiar is obligated to go to the person that would have died had they died. And that is their new master. Lilian was the person who would have died had Luke died. Her precious person is already gone, so she doesn’t care about her familiar or herself.”

“Why are you helping us?”

“Because it’s really depressing when a familiar dies. I’ll also say this I don’t know what your goals are yet, but I won’t stop you if you don’t get in my way of my goals.” And with that she and Eliza disappeared.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:02 pm

Laufeia silently followed the brothers as they followed Katherine's scent. They traveled swiftly in the dead of night, down dark alleyways and deserted streets. Suddenly they stopped. She heard Cory murmuring curses under his breath. He and Jeremy began pacing along an invisible line, and pounding their fists on walls every few minutes in frustration. They were arguing, weighing actions and consequences. Laufeia stood silently, thinking and observing. Then she made a decision. Both boys stopped pacing and looked at her as she walked towards Cory. She held her hand out to him, as if she expected him to shake it in greeting. He didn't take it right away, as he was still not entirely sure about this girl. Then he slowly reached out for it. He took her hand and for less than a second he thought that hers seemed sweaty, or sticky, something he had not expected, since she looked quite calm, but then she was telling him things again.

I'll get her. Her lips never moved, but Cory knew she was offering.

"I can get her myself." he said through clenched teeth. Jeremy raised an eyebrow.

Of course you can, but so can I, and if I do, no one gets in trouble, right?

"I guess…" he answered. He seemed to understand that she really could get Katherine, that she was just as powerful as a vampire or a werewolf.

"Uhhmm...?" Jeremy queried, raising one finger.

Laufeia knew Jeremy was wondering what was going on between his brother and her, but she also knew Cory wouldn't waste time looking for explanations, not now. She would explain to them soon enough.

"Fine. Go then. Hurry. Can you bring her back here?" He seemed to trust her.

Yes, don't leave. She looked at him very sternly when she told him that, and then she was gone.

Cory blinked, surprised that she could move so fast, and then he noticed his hand was still extended and quickly retracted it. He let out a breath, that sounded more like a growl, through his teeth, sank to the ground, and put his fingers to his temples and forehead. "How could I let this happen to her…" Jeremy cleared his throat, still fishing for an explanation.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:05 pm

Mira runs up to Shiro and holds his head up, His eyes lay closed. She raises her hand, and slaps Shiro across the face.
"OW!" Shiro cries out as the sharp stinging pain fills his cheek.

Mira smiles and drops him on the ground, and she gets back up looking at him.
"Mira? Hector? and Lin?" Shiro spoke in astonishment, "Where am I?"
"You were knocked out" Hector said as he walked up to Shiro holding his hand out to him. Shiro grabs his hand and gets back up, and checks himself for his equipment. Shiro pulls out his gauntlets and checks them, he then looks back at Hector and Mira.

"Oh wait! Hector you need to-"
"I know Shiro, Haku brought you back here and you were knocked out."
Mira nods and points at the bruise on Shiro's arm.
Shiro blushed, "Oh no worries, I fell down while I was watching them."
"No wonder they found you." Hector said as he looked on at him in embarassment.
"Well ignoring that fact, they want to get Rid of Lin"
"Are they going by the 'contract' rule?"
"Hector, you know this doesn't apply to you right?"

"Because I'm my own free being, even if I died nothing would happen to Hector." Lin meowed.
"But I still protect you as if you were a part of me."
"I am a part of you, you sacrificed a bit of yourself to save me back then."
Lin purrs and hops onto Hector's head, Mira laughs a little and Shiro shakes his head. Mira motions her hand for Lin to hop to her shoulder, Lin nods and jumps over.

"Mira says,'Hector, I want you to take Shiro with you to observe the war, If anything attacks you I want you to subdue them or befriend them. Remember Shiro can also spot werewolves and vampires as if he were a Familiar. I want Lin to stay with me so I can keep her safe."
"But, Mira-"
"Mira says,'I'm sorry Hector, but we need to do this for the sake of stealth. Besides that I can protect Lin as well." Mira picks up Lin and places Lin into her arms. Hector Nods and places his hand on Lin for the last time. Shiro starts moving toward Houston and Hector follows behind.
"Hector, Becareful" Lin meows, Mira places Lin back at her feet and she pulls out her Bow. They too begin walking toward Houston once more.

Shiro tries to reassure Him,"Don't worry Hector, I've stuck with ya long enough to make sure nothing will go wrong!"
"I know, I just want us to be successful"
"When have we ever failed!?"
"In the last ten minutes."
"I mean some serious failure."
"Not in a long time."
"That's right, we're on a Mission!" Shiro smiles,"After a long time, We will finally finish it." Hector looks gloom-fully on ahead as Shiro holds up his hand for a high-five. Hector smiles and responds to it.
"You're right Shiro, Our plan has been set into motion, only the threads of fate themselves can stop us now!"
"That's the spirit!"
Shiro puts on his gauntlets, Hector loads up his pistols, and they charge into the city. As the Brothers they are, protecting one another.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:06 pm

Addie was running in what she hoped was the right direction when Katharine began to stir. “Huh? Where am I?” Katharine asked.

“Some vampires kidnapped you and I just got you back, but I’m not sure where we are,” she said as she putted Katharine down.

“You went deeper into vampire territory.”

“I’ve been going to wrong way this time whole time!” she shouted. Her facial expression was that of utter depression. “Why is it that I have no sense of direction?” she moped, her finger drawing circles in the dirt.

“It’s okay,” Katharine sweat dropped, “If we keep on heading straight we’ll be a neutral territory and then we can head back to the apartment through the neutral territory.”

“Really?!” Addie cheered up right away. “Then let’s go!”

As they were about to leave a figure blocked their path. Addie took an immediate fighting stance.

“Wo, I’m not here to fight you,” Haku sighed. “That’s the second time I said that today. Anyways, I was sent to send you a message.” She threw something at Katharine’s face that Addie caught before it smacked Katharine in the face. It was a sunflower. “I’ll trust you know what that means.” She was about to disappear when, “Happiness and sunshine is what a sunflower means right?” Katherine asked.

“Are you serious?”

“That’s not what it means?”

“Useless!” Haku shouted pointing at Katherine. “You’re useless, no wonder she left you with the wolves. Useless! The flower is from your sister! Do you get it now?”

“How could this be from my sister, she’s in jai-” Katherine finally got it. “My sister escaped from jail!”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Haku sighed and disappeared.


Sarah was watching the two wolves from an alleyway, Cory and Jeremy is what they’re called she remembered. It was time to set another plan in motion. She sprayed on some perfume, wolves wouldn’t notice the smell, but it would attract low level vampires. When she sensed the vampires coming she took off her sunflower headband and ran, screaming, “Help me! Somebody, help me!” and sure enough she got the wolves attention and they came running over to help her.


Haku just landed a roof, with Eliza by her side, wondering what she should do next.

“You’re such a liar.” Ethan said stepping out of the shadow. “Telling the younglings something like that. You know all that stuff about familiars is all just myth.”

“The point was for them to be more careful when Lilian came so they wouldn’t get Lin stolen from them and don’t call them younglings that makes me feel old.”

“You’ve been living for about 80 years now, though I shouldn’t say anything I’m 400 something.”

“I was only conscious for 20 of those years.” She yawned, sleepiness finally catching up to her. Her foot slipped and she almost fell off the roof but Ethan caught her and pulled her back. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you see, Ethan also lost his footing and he ended up falling on his but with Haku falling into his lap. Normally she would turn bight red and try her fastest to scramble out of his lap, but right then she was too tired to care. Going without sleep for a few days makes you very sleepy. So she buried her head into his chest and fell asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:07 pm

"Hey Bro!" Shiro shouted, "Wait Up! I'm not that fast anymore remember!?"
"Ah, Right I forgot since I was used to it." Hector said as he stops in his tracks and Shiro collides into him.
"Looks like I'm not that strong anymore either..."
"Eh heh, Sorry Hector."
Hector and Shiro get back up and they look around at their surroundings. Up ahead they see a werewolf and a girl being carried on piggyback, a sunflower in her hand.
"Shiro, Get over here!" Hector demanded as he grabbed Shiro by the collar and drags him around the corner.
"I saw them too."Shiro started,"Too bad I'm too slow"
"That girl on the back, she's the one I had to kidnap for the divine sunflower."
"But I had my face covered then, she'd probably won't recognize me which is the good part."
"What about the werewolf?"
"My scent was hidden by a smoke and pepper bomb."
Shiro and Hector sighs and begins to think about what to do.


Mira and Lin approach an old barn, the nearby farmhouse blown to pieces. Mira points to the barn and starts waving her arm around.
"What you want to take a nap in there?" Lin meows
Mira nods and starts running toward the Barn.
"H-hey! Wait a minute Mira!"
Inside the dusty old barn there are a few old haystacks still around, a few blankets and a box in the corner. Mira approaches the box and pulls out her sword, she slashes downward at the box and it splits apart. Inside there lies a ribbon, shield, and a bell.

"What this Mira?"
Mira picks up the Ribbon and wraps it around her hair creating a pony tail. She then picks up the shield and places it on her back. Lin looks at the bell and tilts her head. Mira smiles and attaches the bell to Lin's collar. Lin purrs and hops into Mira's arms. she then walks over to a nearby haystack and sits down. She looks up into one of the holes in the roof of the barn, staring at the gloomy sky.

"Mira, Hector and Shiro will be fine."
Mira smiles faintly, but keeps staring into the sky.
"Oh, Don't worry I'm sure Hector will come back to you!" Lin meows.
Mira scratches Lin's back and smiles once more looking down at Lin.
"I'm sorry you sacrificed your voice for me...."
Mira shakes her head and holds up her hand, holding up three fingers.
"It's been three years hasn't it?"
Mira moves the shield, sword, and bow off her back and places it to her side. She falls backwards and closes her eyes, Slumber then embraces her.


"Hector?" Shiro whispered, "Do you want to ambush them or try to see if they're friendly?"
"No point in ambushing if it can hear us."
"You're right, so lets try to talk to both of them first right?"
Hector and Shiro walk around the corner and approach Addie and Katherine.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:15 pm

"So you have a sister?"
Katherine was quiet for a moment before answering "yes" She glaced at the sunflower clenched in her hand. "She was held in a high security prison.. deeply hidden by the government somewhere. It's been a couple of years... but not anymore"

"prison?" Adde wondered what Katherine's sister could have possibly done to get sent away like that. She was about to ask, when another question popped up instead. The mention of 'years' made her realize that for her, the passing of time since her days with Kieran was completely ignored. With good reason. "hey Kat, ...what year is it?

Katherine was confused for a moment. 'it's two thousand --" She stopped abruptly when the other girl almost stumbled. "What??!" Addie glanced back at her friend, eyes wide in shock. "that can't be true.." She would have said more, but the presence of two others came into the vicinity.

Addie paused and turned at the rustling behind her. "who's there?" she asked, her voice almost even. Katherine tightnened the grip around her ride's neck, thinking they would be attacked yet again.

The werewolf squeaked. "hey, not so hard! I would like to continue breathing!" Two humans came into view as Addie flailed a bit before Katherine let go.

Addie tilted her head in awknowledgement to the pair, glancing wearily at the weapons they held at their sides. "I hope those aren't ment for us, because I have no qualms in killing you" She smiled a bit, waiting for an answer.

"Hector, Hector!! She scares me! a person shouldn't smile when they threaten.." One of them says to who was apparently Hector.

Addie smirked at him. Apparently, she needed to set an example of conversational cues. Nodding once again, she smiled, but this time with sincerity. "My name is Addie, a pleasure to meet you"

"oh! my name is--"
"Shiro, QUIET! Our identity is our greatest secret!!" Hector interruped him quickly.

Katherine looked at them in disbelief. "are you SERIOUS?" Addie clapped her hands once "Hector and Shiro, I see"

The two hunters glared at eachother, "this is YOUR fault!" Ignoring this, Addie continued. "weell, if there was nothing, we have to be going now!"

Hector jumped. "WAIT!! We have something to say!" Addie bristled suddenly, shouting for Kat to get behind her. Shiro pulled out his weapon. "it's gonna have to wait. Vampires are coming.. and a lot of them."

'There are too many.. we must be in their territory still..' The wheels were turing in Addie's head as she thought. 'if I fight now.. they might not survive'

She turned to Shiro and Hector. "hey, can I trust you guys to take her somewhere? They looked at eachother. "There are enough Vampires to get around to killing all of us if we're together. But if you run, we have a chance."

Hector pulled out his two pistols. "no way, that is suicide!" Addie shook her head. "I have a plan, but if you three are here, you WLL die."

Katherine looked at the werewolf. "what are you planning?"
"i'm going to... change, i guess"
"i've been around when Jeremy, and even Cory when they did it" She didn't understand what was so wrong.

Addie smiled, pushing Katherine toward Hector and Shiro. They started off. "Ahh.." she told them as they left. "but I inherited a characteristic that would make me a... berserker" there was a bit of sadness in her voice as she said it.

Katherine took one last look back, as she heard Addie call out happily "30 min!! You guys come back in time, or i'll kill you for kidnapping!!"

Shiro, Hector, and Katherine ran off, fleeing to saftey. "I hope she can do it.." shiro said softly.
Katherine, however, was in deep thought. She knew all the stories about werewolves from Cory and his family.. but even they didn't know about this.

"where are we going?" She asked. "We should meet up with Mira and Lin, then go see your werewolf friend in half an hour" Hector replied. "and everyone is gonna have a looong talk, because things aren't very safe anymore."
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:15 pm

Hector stops in his tracks, Shiro and Katherine turn around.
"I don't think she'll make it out alive..." Hector said, as he turns around.
"Are you crazy!? Do you really want to get back over there?" Shiro shouted, as he waves his arms around.
"Look, our plan must succeed I feel she might become important soon."
"Alright", Shiro said,"I want you to come back and meet with us alright bro!?"
"You take care as well, make sure she doesn't get injured or anything along the way."
"Roger that!" Shiro smiles and takes Katherine by her hand,"Let's go!"

Hector runs back toward where they left Addie. A Vampire is thrown across above him and lands at his feet, dead. Addie, her eyes bloody red and into a frenzy, Hector sees this and begins to assist her. As the lower vampires begin charging her, Hector leaps up into the air, pistols in hand, and lets out a flurry of bullets around the back waves. A Vampire flies throw the air, Hector pulls out his main gauche, stabs it in the stomach, and disembowels it. It's entrails lay on the ground next to it. Hector jumps up onto the wall and reloads, a Vampire leaps up and tries to take a bite at his leg. Hector throws his pistol down at its head, it bounces back up as the Vampire hits the ground. He then pulls out his needles and throws five at its spine. Addie slashes at Hector, he dodges and jumps up onto a light post.

"ADDIE!" Hector shouts, as she begins to take out even more Vampires.
"Mira told me this once, a rare breed of werewolves called 'Berserkers'." Hector thought,"But this sheer power and strength, is this at the loss of your thought and emotion?"
Blood gushes into the air as more Vampires join the fray to try to take down Addie.
She howls loudly into the air as more try to take her down. Addie grabs one at the throat and shatters his neck. Another dives at her leg, she raises it and stomps down onto his skull, grey matter oozing out. She grabs another by the arm and tears it off, she then kicks it into a fire hydrant. Another jumps off the roof and tries to take a bite out of her. She uses the torn off arm and swings it at the Vampire. She punches down onto the back of the vampire. Addie picks up one of the fallen vampires and throws it at another, She leaps as soon as she threw the vampire. She lands onto him, her blood-enraged eyes can be seen pulsing through her. She opens her palm and slams it into his chest. Her hand pierces through the body and pulls out his heart. His scream echoes around the street, as Addie howls once more. Suddenly a group of vampires begin coming toward her. Bullets whiz right past Addie and into the group taking a few down.

One of them spot out Hector,"Hey Look on that lightpost, It's a Human!"
"Oh ****!" Hector shouted, as he jumps up into the air. Three Vampires surround him, six shots are heard, and the three vampires fall onto the ground.
"What is this!? Endless!?" Hector shouts as more vampires keep entering the fray. The sounds of bloody curdling screams as Addie rips them to shreds.


After a while of running, Shiro and Katherine makes it to the Barn.
"Hold on I think we have some vampires following us!" Shiro shouted.
Katherine gasps for air as Shiro picks her up and puts her in a corner behind a haystack.
"Don't worry, we will protect you!" Shiro smiles as he turns around, tightening his gauntlets.
"T-thank you"
Mira pulls out her bow and climbs a ladder to the roof of the Barn. Lin walks over to Katherine and meows. Katherine pets Lin as she sits there with a worried look.
A Vampire climbs the wall and Mira shoots an arrow in it's head, it falls to the ground with a large thump. Shiro climbs up the ladder and stands behind Mira, Another tries to get behind Mira as well. Shiro grabs it by the face and uppercuts it in the abdomen, he then lets go and lets loose another punch that causes it to fly off the roof.
"There are two more left, take care." Shiro says, Mira nods and takes a sharp look around. One of them moves quickly and tries to take down Mira. She quickly throws her bow at it and pulls out her sword, slashing downwards into its skull. She picks up her bow and kicks the vampire off the roof.
"The last one is around here.."

"HELP!" Katherine screams as the sound of wood shattering is heard below. The last one broke through the wood and tries to grab Katherine. Lin hisses and leaps up and scratches at the vampire. It screams in agony as it falls to the ground holding it's face. Lin jumps up and slams into its stomach, claws out and tears out it's insides. Lin hisses as she jumps off the vampire meowing peacefully.
"Lin, thats really, really, really, really scary" Shiro says as he looks down at the bloody remains. Mira looks at it as well with a disgusted look.
"I know, but a cats gotta do what a cat has gotta do~" Lin meows.

"Wait, why are you talking to a crazy cat?" Katherine asks.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:17 pm

Addie could feel the blood rushing through her veins, pulsing loudly. It was almost mesmerizing, and everything seemed to drown out, except the beating of her own heart.

Her vision was filtered through a smaller, blurry red field. Something like a dream, where she wasn't sure of excactly what she was seeing. But feeling her body move in the dance that brought her enemies death, the warm liquids of the vampires spilling endlessly, she felt pure joy.

She was actually enjoying her killing.

Addie looked in one direction, searching for something to kill, throwing a young vampire she had in her hands away like a rag doll. "weak.. all of them"

She slashed at a figure that appeared before her, but missed. In the back of her mind, she wondered at the resemblence to the hunter Hector. A small thought told her to stop. But the pull of blood was stronger. If he was in the way, oh well.

Gunshots fired, and a couple of vampires fell dead. Addie flew into a rage at her prey being taken. Her only thoughts were to get to them first.

The onslaught seemed to never end. It was a mass of seemingly low level vampires, just to take up time. Was this a joke? The werewolf sent yet another couple of vampires flying to their death, when the dark aura of strength found it's way to the scene.

Through red-misted vision, she saw them. Three figures standing calm, a rare sight in the chaos she had created. Two of the vampires, a man and a woman, stood closer together, their faces nonchalant. Whether or not they had intentions of fighting, it was impossible to tell. The third stood a distance from the two, strangely not smelling of vampire.

A swarm of vampires grabbed her, and she turned angrily at the interruption of her new targets. Blood fell like pouring rain from the heavens, unstopping. Many recently turned vampires at this point had given up the fight, trying to flee as quickly as possible.

One of the deserters came too close the lone being of the trio, in his sad insanity to get away. He had his arms outstrectched, as though he were to attack.

Addie ripped around just in time to see the vampire's head getting smashed into the ground by the newcomer. 'oh, yes' her thoughts were swimming. These were the people she wanted to kill. They would put up a fight.

She ran to the two vampires first, hoping to get them at once. The others didn't matter anymore, they had long gone by either death, running away, or were about to. And of who was left, Hector would kill them. Depending if he was alive.

The vampires didn't move, save for one small flicker of determination to protect his lover. Blood stained every part of the werewolf, yet the bright red substance still called to her.. telling her to kill.

The other person (she wasn't quite sure if he smelled entirely of vampire) moved with almost impossible speed in front of her. She pulled back quickly to reform an attack, but he caught her arm.

Pinning that arm behind her, Addie found that it was almost impossible to move. "I didn't mean for us to meet again like this" The trance that held her in the berserk mode began to fade, shock of hearing that voice overriding the bloodlust.

"Be calm, sweetheart, remember what this does to you" The man who held her was suprisingly comforting despite the bloodfest and carnage that they were standing in. "you can't kill these two, they have decided to remain neutral"

"Kiera...n??" Addie's mind slowly began to regain control, the massive amount of power fading back into it's dormant state. The man called Kieran leaned over to and suveyed the look on the werewolf's face.

His dark hair spilled over his vision, but he could plainly see the crimson red fading from the girl's eyes, turning back to a light brown. He smiled softly, loosening his grip.

A few bullets shot at the ground by Kieran's feet. He glanced up at Hector, who had finished clearing the remains of the 'army'. "get away from Addie you blood sucker!! She is important to the plan of peace!"

Kieran glared at Hector. "A plan only? So, you wish to USE her?" the malice in his voice was unmistakable. He turned to the two vampires behind them.

"Your main threat is subdued, so do what you wish" He gently let go of the still-immobile Addie. "I have to leave you again.."
Addie grabbed his hand with suprising quickness for someone in her condition.

He smiled sadly. "If I knew you would be involved despite me going.." He turned away. "until next time, angel"

Addie dropped to the ground in disbelief. "one hundred and fifty years..." she whispered, as tears blurred her vision. Hector ran to her, his pistols in hand. "are you alright?"

She looked at him without really looking. "Katherine, is she okay?"
"Shiro took her to a safe place, don't worry" Hector helped her up "come on, lets go see them" They slowly walked to the 'safe place', Addie unable to run with her lack of energy.

"So.." Hector inquired, "Who was that?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:18 pm

Laufeia found the battle before she found Katherine. She didn't stop to help either side, but followed Katherine's scent straight to the barn. Shiro and Mira turned to face her, ready to protect Katherine. Laufeia ignored them and walked toward Katherine. Katherine, in the hay on the floor, looked up at Laufeia as she approached.

"Who are you?!" Shiro called, unsure if she was friend or foe.

Laufeia held her hand out to Katherine and looked her square in the eye.

"Who is she?!" Shiro yelled.

"I don't know…" Katherine answered, but she still gave her hand to Laufeia.

I'm here to get you. Cory wants you back.

"Oh," said Katherine, a little surprised that Laufeia had not actually spoken, but Katherine knew Laufeia was telling the truth. Laufeia pulled her up off the ground and into a standing position. "I guess we should go then, he must be really worried."

"Go?!" asked Shiro. "He who? Who is she? What's going on."

"She must be a friend of Cory's, and she's come to get me, so that he wouldn't have to travel through vampire territory." Laufeia was already walking away. "Got to go," and Katherine followed.

"Wait! But, Hector! and Addie!" Shiro called.

Katherine hesitated, Laufeia kept walking. "I've got to get back to Cory and Jeremy. Please don't stop me," she said quickly, and hurried back to Laufeia.

As they made their way back to the alley where Laufeia had left the brothers Laufeia suddenly stopped. She paused for a second, then she started walking again. Moments later they were face to face with Addie and Hector. The battle was over and they were going back to the barn.

"Katherine!" Addie yelled, "Who is this, what's going on?!"

"She's a friend of Cory's, she's taking me back to him."

"You can leave her with me," Addie said coldly to Laufeia, who ignored her and continued to walk. She wasn't sure why, but Addie did not like this silent dark girl who was guiding Katherine.

"I have to get back to Cory." Katherine continued to follow Laufeia, but before she had taken two steps, she was being swung onto Addie's back.

"I'll go with you," Addie said to Katherine, and then she turned to Laufeia, "You can get back faster that way."

But they hadn't gone far when they ran into him. Laufeia silently listened while they conversed.

"Cory!" Katherine shouted.

"Katherine?" Instead of relieved, he sounded confused, or worried. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with Jeremy."

"Jeremy? How would I be with Jeremy?"

"I just left you with him. How did you get here?"

"What are you talking about, I haven't seen you or Jeremy since," she hesitated, remembering, "since they took me."

"But…but you escaped, and found me and Jeremy…in the alley…"

Katherine's eyes widened as she realized what must have happened. She gasped. "That wasn't me." everyone was silent for a moment. "Oh God Cory, she's with Jeremy?" Katherine practically jumped, and Addie wobbled dangerously. "We have to get him back, NOW!" Nobody moved, except for Katherine who fidgeted nervously atop Addie again. "Please, you don't understand, she'll kill him."

"Wait Katherine, are you talking about your sister?" asked Addie.

"Yes!" answered Katherine.

"You have a sister?" asked Cory.

"Please," Katherine begged, "I can explain later, we've got to get Jeremy away from her."

The last of the night had left the sky. Cory transfered Katherine from Addie's back to his and then Laufeia followed the group down a deserted alley.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:19 pm

Right before Addie was about to Respond, she passes out from exhaustion. Hector runs up and catches her, he picks her up and carries her on his back.
"Ha ha, wait till I tell Mira and Shiro." Hector chuckled,"Look guys! Catch of the day!"
Hector begins walking back toward the Barn in the far north once again, with Addie sleeping peacefully on his back.


"Oh wait, Remember Mira?" Shiro said, Mira looked at him with a puzzled look and her head tilted.
"Only the people bonded with the familiar can understand them!"
Mira smiles and clasps her hands together, While Lin walks around Katherine; meowing away.

"Tell me whats going on!" Katherine demanded as she looks at Shiro and Mira.
"Well, your accustomed to 'un-natural' things by now aren't you?" Shiro says with a smile on his face.
"What do you mean un-natural!?"
"Well, you hang out with werewolves, this shouldn't surprise you"
"How do you know that?"
"A werewolf probably wouldn't save someone unless they were dear or known to them, and besides that, its a rarity to see one with a good heart."
Katherine looks back down at the ground and kicks her feet on the dirt. She looks back at Shiro and Mira. Shiro looks at Mira, She nods, Shiro sits down on a haystack.
"Are you sure?"
Mira nods and smiles, Lin stops meowing and sits by Katherine.

"I'll tell you who we are," Shiro began,"We are the Peacekeepers, an ancient group that has been kept in secrecy for ages. When people of 'the supernatural', as you put it, begin to terrorize humans, we go into action. As of late our group has dwindled in numbers, to only us what you see now. Our main objective is to cease aggression, but so far it has only been increasing. I guess technically Mira would be considered the leader, Me and Hector left as the ones to help her, and I guess you can call our cat Lin the mascot."

Lin meows loudly as she runs to Shiro, and hops into his lap.
"Lin, is our familiar, she was once a familiar that was going to dissapear after she was killed. As she was fading away, we came upon her. Mira wanted to save the familiar, but the only way she knew how was that she had to sacrifice something. She gave up her voice in order to try to save her, but her fading didn't stop yet, next I decided to pitch in and give up my agility. Still though she wasn't complete, finally Hector was reluctant, but finally gave in.."
Mira chuckles a bit under her breath when Shiro mentions this event.
"He gave up his strength to save Lin, and that's how she came to be with us."

"Through childhood, Hector and I stuck together, Like brothers, even though we weren't. We were bonded by one thing, and one thing only, the organization. Mira also came into our group as well, since the organization were getting together people who were compatible with each other. The three of us, grew up together, worked together, protected each other. Although sometimes Mira here has her own sense of actions, it's alright to us."

"When the three of us were children, we were specialized in many different forms of fighting and strengthened to have a best attribute in the three of us. Mira was seen to have a powerful voice, able to sing peacefully and angrily to adjust our strengths and weaknesses. Hector had amazing strength, he could punch me and I would fly back so far, our old man would have to kick his ass to make him stop. And well me, I was pretty agile and quick on my feet, but not anymore. After we had given up a part of ourselves, we had to adapt and learn to our new conditions. Hector becoming a bit faster, me a bit stronger, and Mira becoming more well-rounded."

"Hector was trained by our expert marksman, and assassin. Myself was trained by an experienced martial artist and brawler. Mira was trained in more of the ancient arts, such as archery and swordplay. There were many different kinds of people in our organization, including werewolves, vampires etc."

"But one day, the organization was killed in an assault against, The Divine sunflower. Her organization and her hunters, made up of Humans against anything Demi-Human, like vampires and werewolves. You've probably met their top hunter, Haku, she took down quite a bit of our group as well. The battle was fierce and the Divine sunflower wiped almost all of them out with a wave of her hand. Now when you see sunflower fields out here and around other parts of America, thats where our fallen comrades are. She planted sunflowers directly on top of their bodies, turning them into a reminder for anyone still alive, and to get rid of the evidence. The government finally found out and took her in for awhile, but evidence of the Hunters return mean that she broke out of her containment. Now our earlier leaders have fallen and the rest of our allies, Now only us four remain to finally finish what was started, ages ago."

Katherine looks in horror as she realizes what they are talking about.

Mira shakes her head and picks up Lin, she grabs Katherine and moves her hand to Lin's paw. Mira whispers in both their ears, and she Winks at Katherine. Mira moves herself closer to Lin's ears and begins to whisper.
"Mira says,'Can you hear me now?"

Katherine jumps up and freaks out,"OH MY GOD THE CAT TALKS!"
"Well of course I can silly, its just that normal humans don't understand me." Lin meows as the bell on her neck rings a joyful tune.
"Mira says,'I'm mute but you can probably figure that out by now, Shiro seems to 'exaggerating' way too much, but I did once could sing, always made everyone around us feel better. Lin is an embodiment of our strengths, hopes, and dreams, She's our familiar, she's familiar to us because she is like us. Now you know our past, our strengths, our weaknesses, because you seem trustworthy enough to know the truth of what's going on."

Hector walks through the hole in the Barn and shouts,"HEY LOOK WHAT I'VE GOT, IT'S THE CATCH OF THE DAY!"
"Mira says,'Hector, thats not funny."
"Is she dead?"

Hector walks over and places Addie onto a haystack and he sits down next to Mira, Lin hops over onto Hector's lap as he scratches her back. Shiro walks over and punches Hector in the arm and laughs. Hector punches him back and laughs along with him. Mira places her arms around Hector, and leans her head against him. Hector leans her head on top of her's as well. Shiro sits next to them and calls Lin over and plays with her.

Katherine looks at the tight-knit group, as if they were a family already. But at once, Addie awakens from her fainting spell.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:20 pm

"KATHERINE!!!!!" Addie screeched as she shot up and off the haystack Hector had placed her on.

"I'm hear Addie," Katherine said, frightened by the scream.

Addie's head whipped around to face Katherine as she gasped for air. She began to breathe very hard, and then looked up and around to find that she was in a barn. The sun was up now and soft, warm light poured in through cracks from all directions. Addie looked back to Katherine, and jumped up to get to her. She stumbled in a stupor till she reached Katherine, who she wrapped her arms around. "Oh Katherine…" she murmured.

"What's wrong Addie?" Katherine asked.

"I had the worst nightmare…" she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, "but that always happens after…" she trailed off, and didn't finish her sentence.

"Well…it was only a nightmare right?" Katherine soothed, but Addie frowned at this. "We're alright," and they seemed to be. The fighting was over, and this barn filled with sunshine seemed like heaven next to everything that had happened in the past day.

"Yes, you're right," Addie agreed, and she smiled at Katherine. "Sorry for scaring everyone," she added, looking around at all the faces in the room. "Shouldn't we get you back to Cory and Jeremy?" Addie asked. "I bet they're worried sick over you."

"Yes…"agreed Katherine. "In fact, I'm really surprised they haven't found me." She thought for a moment. "What if something's wrong?"

"Don't worry," Addie soothed quickly before Katherine or herself could begin to think of what could have happened to Cory and Jeremy in the past few hours. "We'll go find them right now."

But as soon as they stood up, Addie was screaming again. "YOU!!!" she roared. No one had noticed her come in, but sure enough, Laufeia was standing just inside the big barn doors. Katherine screamed too, and Hector, Mira, and Shiro jumped up, preparing to fight.

"Who is that Addie?" Katherine asked in a shaky breath as she moved as close to the werewolf as she could.

"She was in my dream," Addie explained. "She came for you, tried to take you, claimed she was a friend of Cory's or something."

"And-and then what?" Katherine asked, although she was afraid to hear the answer.

"And then, she took you to Cory," Addie answered.

Everyone stole a quick nervous glance at Addie and then returned their attention to the girl in the black trench coat.

"I don't understand," Katherine said. "I thought you were afraid of her."

Addie spat fiercely. "Hardly…but I don't trust her. She's not…" Addie struggled for a word, "right."

"In your dream she wasn't you mean?" Katherine asked.

"And now," Addie affirmed. "It's the same."

"Are you here to take me to Cory?" Katherine had finally mustered up the courage to speak to Laufeia, who had stood silent and still the whole time. She nodded slightly at Katherine's query.

"You'll come with me Addie?" Katherine asked.

"Of course," and Addie hoisted Katherine up onto her back.

Katherine looked at Mira, Shiro, and Hector.

"Go ahead," encouraged Shiro.

"We have work to do," Hector agreed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   

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The Story Part 1
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