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 The Story Part 1

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Mune Muromara

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:21 pm

"I never found out who those people were that Addie encountered yesterday." Hector thought, "This is something too big for us, and will involve outside forces..."

Mira looks at Hector and picks up Lin. "Mira says,'Whats wrong?'"
Mira frowns and places Lin back on the ground, she leans onto Hector and looks at Shiro. Shiro fell back asleep and snores peacefully on the haystack.
"Mira, We should've gone with them."
Mira shakes her head, she grabs hold of Hector's hand and smiles.
"What do you think... "Hector began,"when this is all over, and peace is achieved what are we to do?"
Lin jumps across Shiro's legs as he snores on. Mira looks at Hector in a puzzled face, Hector looks back at her.
"Our duty would be finished, nothing else is there for us, but wait for the next thing to happen and then when-"
Mira holds up her index finger to her mouth, Hector goes silent and they stare into each others eyes. Mira moves closer to Hector's lips, his breath onto her's. Mira moves back a little, her cheeks flushed and she looks away from Hector. He sits there not knowing what to do, but places his arms around her and holds her tight.
"From then on, I won't leave you when this is over."
Mira nods and a tear rolls down her cheek. Shiro awakens when the teardrop falls onto his forehead.

"Whaa... What's goin' on?"
"Nothin' Shiro, get ready for our next Mission."
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:22 pm

Laufeia led the way. They traveled as fast as Addie could with Katherine on her back, which was pretty fast, but before they got very far, Laufeia stopped. She sniffed the air, and Addie copied.

"Cory…?" Addie murmured.

"What?!" Katherine asked, anxious. "Cory?!"

Laufeia took off in a new direction, towards where the battle had taken place an hour ago. Addie followed quickly. Laufeia got to him first.

"Guess I missed the battle huh?" Cory asked, but when he looked at her, her face was murderous. "What?" he asked. "I know I told you I wouldn't leave the alley, but Katherine came to…" he ended his sentence when Addie caught up.

"Cory!" Katherine shouted, relieved to see his face.

"Katherine?" Instead of relieved, he sounded confused, or worried. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with Jeremy."

"Jeremy? How would I be with Jeremy?"

"Let me guess," Addie offered in a whisper when Cory opened his mouth to speak. "You just left her with him, and you're wondering how she got here?"

"Yea…" confirmed Cory.

"What are you talking about, I haven't seen you or Jeremy since," she hesitated, remembering, "since they took me."

"But…but you escaped—"

"And found you and Jeremy…in the alley…" Addie finished for him.

"Yes…how do you know—"

Addie pulled Katherine off her back and looked into her face. "My dream," she said. "Do you understand what's happened?" she asked Katherine. Katherine shook her head to clear her mind of the confusion of Addie's apparent premonition. Her eyes widened as it hit her. She realized what must have happened. She gasped. "That wasn't me." everyone was silent. "Oh God Cory, she's with Jeremy?" Katherine brought her hand to her mouth in shock, and then dropped it. "We have to get him back, NOW!" Addie began to throw Katherine on her back, but Cory stopped her.

"I'll take her." he offered. Addie nodded, and the party took off.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:24 pm

The dawn approached the city gingerly playing with the clouds as they lazily strolled through the sky. Evelyn watched the city from the window in an attic resting over a building far from her apartment. She was at ease despite all the carnage she had walked through that night. Unfortunately, Alexander and she never made it out of the city. There had been several brawls between vampires and werewolves all over the city. They manged to get past all of the brawls, but not without ease. At one point, they had to be escorted past a berserk female werewolf. The sight of it reveling in its bloodlust caught Evelyn's attention. She had heard about berserkers but had never acutally seen one.

Alexander rested on the floor setting the back of his head on his hands and pointing his elbows towards the ceiling. His face was devoid of emotion. His mind traced incoherent lines through his history. Evelyn turned to look at him from her spot near the window. A smile sprouted on her face warmly. She found that she could not regret leaving that night. Alexander had gotten his way, after much deliberation.

"Why are you smiling?" Alexander broke the silence with his melodic voice.
Evelyn's smiled widened, she considered telling him the truth, but didn't She was smiling because she was with him. Though, she responded, " I'm happy."

Alexander smiled in return, "I'm happy, too."

They laughed.

Neither of them could think of a time when they were both truly content. Their time together was always tainted by grave circumstances. When they first met, Evelyn had been determined to end her own life. She was overwhelmingly disillusioned by what circumstance had granted her. Even when Alexander caught her when she fell from the building, she felt let down.

Evelyn thought back to evening they met:

"You should be really careful when you stand on the roofs of tall buildings," Alexander spoke to her never setting Evelyn on the ground. "You're lucky I happened to be near. You're even luckier that I happen to be able to be skilled at catching flying girls."

Despite his obvious attempts to make her smile, Evelyn did not find his remarks amusing. She merely scowled and proceeded to cry helplessly. "Lucky? You say I'm LUCKY?! You saved my life! You saved me and now...and now I have to keep on living through this hell!"

Alexander was visibly startled and listened to her every word. "I've been indentured to a clan of werewolves since I was ten. They make me do terriible things and I hate myself for it," Evelyn spoke softly clinging onty his jacket. "I owe you that!"

"Never give your life up to a vampire, darling," he finally set down on the ground. Then he held her steady with his hands over her shoulders. "We will take it and we wont' think twice about it." Evelyn looked into to his eyes incredulously. She sank deeply into the a dark brown color of his eyes that mirrored the night sky. "Take it then," she spoke merely a whisper. She herself had not spoken. Rather, a force within her broke past her angst and decided to take control. "Do it," she spoke again. Alexander remained practically stoic,"You want to be my companion? Is that what you really want?" Without hesitation, Evelyn nodded and finstantly elt Alexander's cold teeth pierce through her pale skin.

Evelyn shivered as she recalled her transformation. Even after so many years, she could still feel Alexander's presence consume hers with his teeth. She became so overwhelmed by her memory, it quickly flashed through Alexander's mind. He looked up at her curiously. It gave him a pinch of joy overpowered with guilt. "You still think about that night, Evey?"

She sat down close to his side and watched the light bounce off his dark hair. She answered, "Often," and looked away.

"I do, too," Alexander admitted never letting his gaze leave Evelyn. "I think about how we began, all of the time." Evelyn looked back at him hiding the joy bursting within her. The joy subsided when he said, "I've never been able to forgive myself for what I did to you. I took you without ever considering the consequences. You could be a mother, right now. You could be a successful career woman. Anything. Everything. Now, you're just..." his voice trailed off as the emotion in his voice heightened. He looked at her unable to complete his sentence. She finished it for him, "dead."

The word made him cringe. There was no way to escape reality, though. Alexander always kept his emotions from Evelyn. For once, he was willing to let them go. "I left you because I can't stand being with you, Evelyn," he said. Evelyn's face broke under the weight of his statement. She looked down at her lap and rested her hands there. Alexander took her hands though and continued. "I don't deserve the feelings you give me. I don't deserve to have to wake up next to you every day knowing what I know." He paused, " I can stand myself, even less, when I'm not near you, Evelyn. That's why I came back. I can't torture myself any longer, Evey. I'm going to cherish the consequences of my mistake. I'm going to eat up my guilt and I'm going to love you like this, as long as you don't hate me for being so selfish."

"You're not selfish, " Evelyn looked at him, again.

"Is this what you really want?" he asked.

She nodded and instantly she felt Alexander's cold lips.

Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange

Making life-size models of the Velvet Underground in clay
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:24 pm

Laufeia ran behind Cory and Addie. She caught every word of the conversation between the two and Katherine.

"Addie…" Katherine began. "When you woke up…"

"If we act fast, it won't matter what else happened in my dream Katherine." Addie answered her unfinished question flatly.

"Maybe," Katherine accepted, "but still…maybe it would be good to know, we might know what to expect."

"It was just a dream." Addie said.

"You seemed to know everything I was gonna say back there," Cory pointed out.

Addie frowned at this.

"How did she wake up, Katherine?" Cory asked. There was silence as Katherine hesitated to answer.

Addie sighed. "I woke up screaming her name." They waited patiently for Addie to continue. She sighed again. They had to slow to a jog as the population around them grew. Addie looked nervously over her shoulder at Laufeia before beginning, but Laufeia's face was expressionless. "We went to where you had left Jeremy and…the other Katherine…" and she began telling her dream.
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Mune Muromara

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:26 pm

Hector and Mira exit the Barn, Mira holds onto Hector's arm tightly. Her arm rests against Hector's as they look southbound toward the City. The Morning sun onto their heart-filled bodies. Mira closes her eyes as she embraces this moment.

The Morning light enters through the roof of the barn, Sunlight hits the dusty ground and a few moths scatter about. Shiro and Lin climb up the ladder onto the roof of the Barn. Shiro stares at the city as well, Grey clouds hover over it, seemingly unable to leave the city. Lin decides to mess with Shiro a Bit and she Hops on top of his Head. Shiro tries to shake her off, but in the midst of it She claws him in the face and she leaps off the Barn. Shiro rolls off the barn in agony as he lands Behind Hector and Mira. Lin meows playfully as she walks around the three of them.

"Why you little-" Shiro began, but then Mira turns around and glares at the both of them. Lin and Shiro stop moving and looks innocently at Mira.
"So Bro, What is the Mission that you told me about earlier?" Shiro asks as Mira breaks away from Hector for a moment.
"Well, so far I've encountered four were-wolves, Addie, that girl in the Black trench coat, Cory, and his friend. They seem to know each other, so are most likely to become our allies in this. But I haven't seen any friendly vampires or any other humans willing to aid us besides Katherine." Hector sighs and takes off his armband, he begins to wrap it around his wrist. He looks up into the sky as if he were locked into deep thought.

"Hector?" Lin meowed.
"Oh right, Well as you can tell, I say that we join up with the Werewolves for awhile and see if they want to join our cause."
"What if they refuse?" Shiro asked.
"Then we're on our own for this."

Lin's tail shoots straight up into the air, she sharply turns around and looks at Hector.
"Wait we forgot about the Hunters, they're after us now." Lin meowed,"They want to kill me apparently..."
"I know, I want you and Mira to try to stay as far away from the fighting as possible when it starts gaining momentum."
"But, Hector-"
"No buts Lin, We care about you to keep you with us!"

Lin's tail wags and she meows happily as she walks around Hector and Mira.
Mira looks at Hector and a worried look appears onto her face. Hector move's his hand onto her chin and pushes her face up a little, to face his own.
"Mira, don't worry about me okay?"

Shiro smiles,"Oh, whats going on here you too?~"
Mira breaks away, flustered as she walks away for a bit. Hector turns around as well looking away from the both of them.

"What did I say something wrong?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:28 pm

The sky was mostly cloudy, but there was still sun. The sun was the one really harmful thing Laufeia ever had to deal with, and it wasn't easy for her to walk around in it for very long, but she followed Cory and his companions, trying her best to ignore the toll the bright burning orb took on her body.

As they moved, Addie told her story.

Cory had left Jeremy, and who they thought was Katherine, in an old and deserted hotel. When the gang arrived at the hotel, they climbed in through a smashed window to find that Jeremy was not there. It was not difficult to follow Jeremy's scent though. It led them to a door that exited into an alley between the hotel and the building next to it. Except, the building next to it wasn't much of a building anymore. It was in the process of being torn down, and looked more like a super massive pile of concrete chunks and thick wires than anything else. Laufeia looked up towards the roof, or, the top of the pile. She grabbed Cory's arm, and liquid ran down it.

She has him on the roof.

"They're on the roof," he told Addie, who had been looking for a way to get in.

"That has to be the most dangerous place in a…I don't even wanna think how many mile radius." She said as she turned to face him. That's when she noticed Laufeia's hand on his arm. "Did she tell you they're on the roof?"

Cory looked at Addie. "Yes," he answered. "You don't have to help."

Addie frowned. "How are you going to get up there with Katherine?" she asked, her eyes narrowed with suspicion. Cory frowned. He was wondering that himself.

It would be fastest if I took her.

Cory looked at Laufeia. She nodded her small nod and dropped her hand from his arm.

"She wants to take me doesn't she?" Katherine asked. "That's fine, we have GOT to get to Jeremy…it may already be—" she inhaled sharply.

Cory shook her off his back and wrapped his arms around her. Addie watched on angrily. When Cory let go of her, he handed her over to Laufeia.

"No!" Addie snarled. "She's a vampire"

"She's not a vampire," Cory corrected.

Addie snarled some more through clenched teeth. "I don't care. She's something."

Laufeia had ignored them, and with Katherine on her back, was searching for the best way to get up. It didn't take her long. She looked towards Cory who nodded and walked over to where she was. Laufeia began climbing.

"Let me go first," Addie offered through clenched teeth.

Laufeia shook her head and continued climbing. In a matter of seconds all four were on the roof. Not so much as a pebble had been disturbed. Katherine gasped and put her face in her hands. Cory reached out for her and took her from Laufeia's back.

He stood her up, but held her tight to him. "Why does she look like you?" he asked.

Katherine sniffed, "My-my sister."

Addie had to stop for a minute to explain to Cory about Katherine's sister, and before Addie could get back to telling her dream, they had reached the place where Cory had left Jeremy.

"You left them here?" Addie asked.

"Seemed like a good idea to me." Cory answered. They stood in front of Cory's family's mechanic shop. "Do you think they're on the roof?" Cory asked, letting Katherine down from his back. "Or next door?"

"I don't know…can we go in?" Addie responded.

"Sure," Cory reached into a pocket and pulled out a keychain. He flipped through the keys for a second, and then put one into the lock. He turned the key and opened the door, then cautiously walked in. Laufeia looked carefully around first, and then followed the others inside. Cory locked the door behind them.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Katherine asked.

"We wouldn't want anyone to come in," Cory answered, and then he called out, "Jeremy? I'm back! Hey, where are you?!" No answer. "Jeremy!", and then reluctantly, "Katherine?" The walked in a kind of a line to the back room behind the desk of the shop. Cory led the way, Katherine walked behind him, holding onto his arm. Addie walked very close behind Katherine, in case she needed protecting. A few feet behind Addie, Laufeia followed, glad to be out of the sun, and very alert. Suddenly, there was a noise in the back room. Everyone froze. There was silence for a few seconds, then Cory asked, "Addie? What happened on the roof? A condensed version would be good."

A few seconds passed before Addie began, "She offered to give Jeremy back, if we gave Katherine up, although she insisted she would get Katherine either way, and we should take the offer while we had the chance, cause it wouldn't be available forever."

Just as Addie finished, there was a crash, someone had definitely knocked something over.

"Can you tell who it is?" Katherine asked in a whisper.

Cory answered her. "It's either Jeremy, or your sister…or both." He cleared his throat. "Jeremy?" he called.

Laufeia was pretty sure she knew what was going on, but nevertheless, said nothing. As long as nothing happened to him…She waited silently for the door to open.

Something banged on the door, hard. "Get down!" Cory ordered, and Addie pulled Katherine down behind the desk with her. The handle jiggled, as if someone were struggling to open it. It creaked open a little bit at first, and then swung open, and Jeremy collapsed onto the floor. Cory rushed to his younger brother's side, and helped him to his feet.

"Cory?…That…wasn't Katherine." Jeremy struggled to get the words out. He was wounded all over. It looked a lot like somebody had attacked him when he least expected it.

"Yea…don't worry, we got the real one, now let's get you home."

Luckily, of course, home wasn't very far, but jeremy made slow progress. On the way he traded stories with everyone else. Jeremy's story was actually rather short. Apparently he had been attacked the first time he turned his back on The Divine Sunflower after Cory left. There was a struggle, but she had caught him completely off guard, and was a lot stronger and more skilled than he expected. She sealed him in a dumpster out back before his strength could return. Not long after he was put in there, he heard voices outside the dumpster. She was talking to someone else, and she seemed very angry. He didn't catch most of the conversation, but when it ended something hit the dumpster hard, and then everything was silent. When he checked, she was no where to be seen, so he stumbled out and made his way back into the shop.

By the time they reached the top floor, Jeremy could walk on his own again, thanks to werewolves' rapid healing. Cory opened the door for everyone. After Jeremy and Katherine were in Addie stopped. She turned to look at Cory through narrowed eyes, who was still holding the door open.

"You're letting her in?" she snarled, obviously referring to the girl standing behind her.

"What has she done Addie? Only helped us. Come on." He pushed her in, then looked back at Laufeia when she hesitated to follow. He misinterpreted her hesitation "It's alright, really, you're welcome here." Laufeia thought quickly. Should she stay with him? He was no longer in danger. Why hadn't she run off on the way back home? She could have got away and no one would have noticed. "Come on," he said, nodding his head toward the open door. She decided to accept his offer, she did want to stay with him, that's why she hadn't left before. She entered and Cory closed the door behind her. He followed her into the kitchen, where everyone had gathered, and remembered that he had some questions for her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:32 pm

Cory pulled up a chair and looked warmly at Laufeia. He reached out and grabbed her hand. "I just have a few questions. Who are you, why have you been watching out for me? Oh and thank you."
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:51 pm

Haku was slowly waking up, though she would rather stay where she was. It was really comfortable, an extremely soft mattress, a nice warm comforter, and a mountain of very fluffy pillows. All and all it was a really nice bed. She was just about to drift off to sleep again when a thought struck her, “I don’t have a bed!” She sat up straight to see where she was. The room was decorated in dark reds and black with the usual furniture, a desk, a bookcase and a bed. She felt something move to her side, she looked, and lo and behold it was Ethan in his all mighty shirtless glory. “Wait, he’s shirtless, what about the rest of him?” she thought. “Ethan wouldn’t do that right?” Haku panicked until she looked down and let out of sigh of relief, she was still wearing her clothes. “But what about him?” she thought and the best idea she got to solve this dilemma was to kick him out of bed and just see. So she did just that. Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you see it he had on a pair of pants.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“What happened last night?”

“You fell unconscious and almost fell off the roof, but I caught and brought you to my apartment, where I putted you on the bed.”

“So nothing happened right?” she said getting slightly red.

“No,” as he said that a smirk came on his face and he tackled Haku and pinned her to the bed. “Did you want something to happen?” His face was getting closer and closer. Right then, Haku’s cell phone rang, from the ringtone Haku concluded that it was the Divine Sunflower and was trying to get up, but Ethan ignored it and kissed her anyways. She was a bit shocked but started kissing him back.

When they broke apart he got off of her and asked if she was hungry and on cue her stomach grumble. They both made their way to the kitchen completely ignored the Divine Sunflower because food came first.

A question popped into Haku’s mind, “Vampires don’t need sleep or food, right? Why do you have a fridge and a bed.”

“The bed is because I just like having something big and fluffy to lie on. The fridge well I like to enjoy the finer things in life.”

She opened the fridge and was shocked by half the content in the fridge. Half of the fridge was full of bottles of blood, that’s understandable he’s a vampire, but the other half was extremely questionable. She pulled it out and gave him a look, “Strawberry ice cream, your fridge is half full of strawberry ice cream?”

“What?! I like the taste.”

Haku laughed at him as she took a cartoon of strawberry ice and a spoon from a drawer. As she was eating she checked her phone, the Divine Sunflower left her a message asking why she hasn’t finished her mission yet. “Have to go,” she said to Ethan.

“Okay, I have to go and see if Alexander left yet and try to get him to stay and get involve in the war.”

They both left, only to have walked a few steps before Haku realized she didn’t have her weapons and Ethan realized he didn’t have a shirt on. He was just going keep on going like that but Haku insisted he go back and put a shirt on.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:58 pm

It was well past noon. Time seemed to be racing to meet unkown objectives. At least, Fabrizio felt time was swiftly plotting. He felt tied to the hours. They would not let him move in his own direction. He had to do as they pleased. An utter feeling of subservience filled Fabrizio with unreserved contempt. Without warning, he tossed the glass in his hand at the wall. Instantly, it shattered into dozes of pieces. The glass dispersed across the room and covered the hardwood floor. All eyes in the room quickly set on him. He smiled wryly. The moment faded with haste. Everyone returned to conversations and continued to fill the room with sound and smoke. Fabrizio never picked up the habit, but the majority of his fellow clan members liked to smoke. It was a clan marker. Other vampires in other clans rarely picked up a cigarette. Fabrizio only smoked when he needed to.

"If it makes you feel better, I enjoyed your little performance," Matteo, whose fair olive skin and hazel eyes were stuck in their twenties, took the empty spot on the couch and settled next to Fabrizio. His sandy brow hair was combed neatly. Matteo was very well kept.

Fabrizio surveyed Matteo inquisitively, "I did not find it enjoyable, at all. It was missing something. I've lost my touch."

Matteo crossed his legs and rested a hand on his ankle. The other hand balanced a cigarette. He took a quick puff and exhaled slowly. "I heard you have been chasing a primeblood. Is that true?"

"Yes," Fabrizio answered without hesitation. In fact, he was eager to dwell on the subject.

"Is he..."

"She," Fabrizio interrupted. A grin suddenly lit up his face, "I am chasing after Evelyn's skirt-tails. But never you worry, I will always need someone to comfort me, after a long chase. Her lips are full of scorn. Alone I can't tend to the wounds she inflicts on me." He stood up and marched towards the door with an undeniable spring in his step.

"Where are you off to?" Matteo asked.

Fabrizio grinned widely, "I'm hungry. I am on the hunt for a good lamb and I know just where to find one."

Before Matteo could inquire, Fabrizio added, "This will be a private affair, so don't wait up for me. Give me regards to Alphonse. I will not be scene around for a while. I like to play with my food."

Matteo did not botther iwth a reply. He simply nodded and moved to another coner of the room to another gropu of people. With that, Fabrizio was on his way.

The streets were alive with people. Small croud gathered and moved down the street seemingly oblivious to Fabrizio's presence. There were plenty of girls, though, that darted coy looks in his direction. On a usual occasion, he would further inspect the nature of their modesty. This day, though, he had someone in particular on his mind and he couldn't resist anymore.

She quickly appeared, when he reached his destination. He laughed to himself. Softly. She looked a lot like Evelyn. Vanessa was taller, though, and a lot more agreeable. She was sweet and always greeted Fabrizio with a smile and a customary kiss on the cheek.

"Wow, what brought you here this early?" she asked clutching the menu she was yet to give to him.

He smiled brightly, "You."

The girl instantly flushed and tried to hide her reaction with a laugh. "Seriously. I haven't seen you in ages. To add to it, you never come this early."

Fabrizio never ate, though, he liked to pretend that he did. He visited the Italian restaurant that Vanessa worked in, often. In fact, he only visited the restaurant because of her. He found her pleasant. Sometimes, he liked to surround himself with pleasant company. She had no idea how utterly unpleasant he could be, though. She was completely oblivious to the fact that he was a vampire.

"I have come to whisk you away," Fabrizio said with a playful tone in his voice, "Tell your manager your grandmother died. We should go out on a date, today."

Vanessa's face was completely red by the time he finished his sentece. She barely offered a struggle though. She did as suggested and walked off with Fabrizio.

He left the restaurant that day, certain that he would never step inside its confines, again.

Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange

Making life-size models of the Velvet Underground in clay
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:00 pm

Lillian spotted the traitor and got ready to attack. Just a little closer, closer, right there and she jumped into action.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:03 pm

Laufeia took a moment to think carefully. There were certain things she could reveal, and others she couldn't. She was pretty sure she knew where to draw the line. In the silence while she thought, she heard the other three talking from the other side of the kitchen. They seemed to be in good spirits now that everyone was safe.

"Well its nice to meet you Jeremy." Addie was saying

Katherine snickered, teasing Jeremy, "That's what you say now, give him a day or two." Jeremy rolled his eyes and pushed Katherine's shoulder while Addie laughed.

"Really, I'm very glad to have found another werewolf family."

Laufeia hadn't counted on her, on someone who seemed to be able to tell she was more than she led on she was. That had never happened before. She would have to be very careful with what she revealed. Cory might not like the truth, and if he didn't, what would happen to Laufeia? This was her only chance. She could take no risks.

You've caught on to my preferred method of communication.

"Yes," he said, looking down at their hands. "How do you do that?" he asked, momentarily forgetting his other questions.

My skin secretes a liquid, which tells you everything I want to tell you when it touches your skin.

"But, I don't feel the liquid now, I did before."

The harder it is to get a message across, the more my hand swells with it.

"So last night when your hand was so swelled…"

I really wanted you to calm down.

"You can't speak?"

I can,' and she reminded him of when she gave him the orange, 'I said this was my preferred method of communication.

"The orange! How does that work? You sent me messages through fruit."

Citrus fruit juice is very similar to the liquid I secrete. I can inject my message into a fruit, and it will be quite safe there until it is delivered.

Cory seemed slightly amazed by this, but he still curious about something, "but why don't you just speak, isn't that easier?"

I mean no offense, but this is the best analogy I can give you. If you were transported back in time, and found yourself stranded amongst cavemen, would you forget talking and grunt and roar like they did, or would you speak to, or yell at, them?

He understood, "it would probably be a while before I gave up my communication skills to primitive ones."

Yes, no matter how simple their grunting is, speaking is more familiar to you, its what comes naturally.

"So, are you from the future?"

No, that was only an analogy, was all she told him, and then she looked away,

"Where," he paused, being careful, "are you from?"

Very far away, and she didn't elaborate.

Corey realized, she probably didn't want to tell about where she was from, so he decided to move on to another subject he wanted to discuss, hoping it would be a better one.

"Well…" he began, "you still never answered my first question. Who are you?”

A very long time ago, I was given the name Laufeia, you can call me that. She could see the conversation was going in a direction she didn't like.

"Laufeia…a very long time ago…you're not human right?"

That is correct, and before he could say anymore, we've gone through enough questions for today. Another time.

Cory didn't know what to say to this. He had no reason to force her, and she had told him a lot. "Well, alright," and they joined the others at the kitchen table. Katherine looked a little uneasy, Addie angry, and Jeremy suspicious. Katherine had prepared hot tea for everyone. The table grew silent as she offered mugs to Corey and Laufeia. Corey gladly took his. Laufeia shook her head.

"Ahhh that feels good," Cory announced, breaking the silence. "We got any lemon?" he asked.

"Mhmm," Katherine reached out to an empty dish. "Oh…I'll get some more."

Just what Laufeia needed, she grabbed Cory's arm. He smiled, "Get a few."

Citrus fruit to her was, in a way, what hot tea was to them, and everyone seemed to feel better.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:04 pm

As Hector, Mira, Shiro, and Lin approach the outskirts of Houston, Mira sweeps up Lin in her arms. She moves her lips next to Lin's ears and moves them.
"Mira says,'Hector do you remember the 'Fruit Bat' Myth?'"
"Yeah, what about it?"
"Mira says,'Do you remember how I theorized that with the war that the Divine Sunflower is Instigating, that 'she' might appear again?"
"Wait how do you know that it's a she?" Shiro asked.
"Mira says,'Once I heard the stories, I took an interest in them. I asked our masters of late, many years back, about them and they told me mostly the same stories. “The fruit bat” is very private and has been passive for many millennia. She does not like hunters, or any other iniquitous entities. All known activity from her has been against such entities.’"
"Yes, she might not be a myth…" Hector said.
"Well I think she is" Shiro protested.
"Mira says,' Whether you believe me or not, I still think she’s back.'"

Mira puts Lin back down as they stand in a large area surrounded by many trees. Lin hops onto Hector's shoulders and meows into his ears.
"I think she is still around Hector, watching over what we do."
"Oh cmon Lin, your thinking this myth is a god like thing." Hector scoffed as he tries to Brush her off. Lin hops over his hand and lands on his other shoulder.
"You believed it for awhile when we were over the werewolves' shop."
"Ok maybe I do, but it's still just a story!"
"Oh fine whatever."

"Oh right, I almost forgot." Shiro began as Mira and Hector looked on at him.
"Do you both still have your pendants?" Shiro says as he pulls out a pendant with a blue moon on it.
"Of course I do, how else do you think I'm fighting so well huh?" Hector bragged as he pulls out his pendant with the shape of a golden star on it. Mira nods and pulls out her pendant, one with a bright red sun on it.
"Well, I think we should do our attack at least once on something to make sure we still have it down."
"Oh Cmon Shiro, I think it's completely silly."
Mira Smiles and pulls out her sword in excitement.
"See Hector!" Shiro said,"Mira wants to do it too!"
"Oh fine, then we just need a target."
Lin runs over to a tree and circles around it meowing,"How about this one?"
"That's a perfect Lin." Shiro began,"Alright Lets do it, I hope you remember how Hector."
"Of Course I do, And I still have to remind you how stupid it is."

Hector, Mira, and Shiro surround the tree and back away at the same time, all three being exactly the same distance from each other. A Gold beam of light radiates from Hector's pendant and shines to Mira and Shiro. Likewise Mira's pendant shines out a red light and connects to Hector's and Shiro's. While Shiro's pendant radiates a blue light. Shiro then quickly slams into the tree with his fist, Hector slashes into the tree with his Main Gauche and Mira cuts through the tree with her Long Sword.
"HEY WATCH IT!" Lin cries out as she leaps out of the way. The Tree falls to the ground around all four of them and into three pieces.

"See it's fun Hector."
"No it's not, It's so stupid how it is."
"Yeah, but we weren't really trying, it was just for fun."
The Pendant's lights dissapear as the three of them puts it away. Lin hisses at Shiro, "You could've told me to move first!"
"Oh right, Sorry."
Shiro snickers and the four of them walk off back toward Houston once more.


"Hector!" Lilian shouted as she jumped down from the trees. A Gentle Breeze blows through the forest as the four of them stop in front of her.
"I thought you were one of us, you helped me kidnap that girl, and yet here you are on the Peacekeepers side!" Lilian shouted as she draws out her two swords.
"Lilian I didn't mean anything, you don't need to fight me!"
"No!" Lilian cried out,"I've been ordered to kill you, and that is what I'm going to do!"
Hector turns around and says,"Shiro, Mira, Lin, I want you three to stay out of this and conserve your energy, its going to be a long fight ahead."
Mira nods and grabs Shiro's hand as they run Back. Lin hops onto Hector's shoulders and meows,"I'm not leaving you alone!"
"Thanks Lin." Hector says as he turns around once more and pulls out a pistol in his right, and a main gauche in his left.

"Hector, you traitor!" Lilian cried out as she charges at him. She swings out with her first blade, Hector parries it off with the main gauche and backs away. She swings again with the second and Hector parries it off, and runs back again.
"Why aren't you fighting back Hector!?" Lilian shouted as she swings again. Hector parries it and shouts,"Do you really want to die!?"
"I don't care, I'm doing the right thing and following my orders!"
Lilian sweeps at Hector's feet, He dodges and moves back a little more.
"Alright then, I won't hold back anymore!" Hector shouted. He puts away his main gauche and pulls out his pendant. A Golden light shines around Hector as he looks up skyward into the trees.
"It's daytime, Not a star in the sky unless I count the sun.
Lilian spots this as an opening and swings her sword at Him. Hector quickly dodges and fires a bullet at her leg. Lilian swings her sword immediately and a burst of wind stops the bullet. Hector pulls out his second pistol.

Hector starts firing a volley of bullets and Lilian deflects every shot. Hector holds his hand up into the air as the golden light forms there and he throws it at Lilian. The Orb moves quickly, but Lilian shoots out a gust of wind to break apart the orb of light. During this Hector fires two shots at both of her arms. She blocks one shot but the other manages to hit her.

"No, I can't let you beat me Hector!" Lilian cried out as she began to spin around creating a whirlwind, the air around her begins to swirl and a massive cyclone appears. Trees begin to get picked up as Hector tries to keep his ground. Shiro and Mira begin to run back a little farther to avoid being sucked in.

"Lin, I need your help!" Hector said as he inches toward the Cyclone.
"Alright!" Lin meows as a dark energy surrounds Lin and slowly covers Hector. Hector moves his pistols toward his pendant and the golden light shines through the pistols. He quickly begins firing bullets into the Cyclone while reloading letting out a massive volley. The Cyclone picks up every bullet while leaving Lilian unharmed.
"Hector, Bullets aren't going to stop me!" Lilian shouted through the boom of the cyclone.
"Not by the way they are now!" Hector shouted as he lets out a last volley of bullets.

"Now Hector?" Lin meowed
"Yeah." Hector said as he snaps his fingers. The Bullets in the cyclone shatter and a dust of gold begins to swirl around in it. The dust forms into a sharp spear and impales Lilian in the abdomen. The cyclone stops and the trees fall to the ground. Lilian falls to the ground on her knees, she begins to cough up blood. Hector approaches her and kneels in front of her.
"Damn you, Traitor..."
"You didn't have to throw away your life."
Lilian quickly swings her sword at Hector's neck, He quickly fires a bullet at her hand shooting the sword out of it.
"Have a good sleep Lilian." Hector said as he picked off a piece of the gold spear. He breaks it back into dust and blows it into Lilian's face. She falls to the ground with her eyes closed. The golden spear then turns back into dust as a final gust of wind blows it all away.

"I didn't have to kill her, I mean if she saw the error with her reasoning, I mean she was like a friend even if it was for a little while-"
"It's alright Hector, through our mission we'll have to overcome things such as this." Lin interrupted.
"You mean To kill an innocent person?"
Lin looked away as Shiro and Mira approach them both and they begin to walk toward Houston once more.

Farther back, Lilian's Familiar, Luke begins making his way back to Haku.

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:54 pm

Haku was soon at a park, watching the kids as she made her way to a bench.

“Took you long enough to get here. Where were you anyways?” Sarah asked come out of nowhere. Haku wasn’t surprised though.
“That is none of your business.”

Sarah gave Haku a look and said, “Oh, Haku you whore.”

“Wait, what just happened?”

“Right, like you don’t know.”

“What?! I don’t get it!”

“Never mind, oh look it’s Luke.”

“Master,” Luke said to Haku.

“Since you’re calling me master I assume Lilian is dead.”


“What she failed!” screamed Sarah. She pulled out her cell phone, “Get the Unlucky Clover squad and send them after the traitors!”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit much for a few Peacemakers.”


“Whatever, you do realize that there’s only about an hour left in the contract right?”

“Yes, what are you going to do afterwards?”

“Achieve my own goal then go after you.”

“I could just kill you now.”

“But we’d be at a stalemate and something like that would be pointless.”

“You also know that as soon as the contract is over all familiars will leave the order right? After all you have no power over them since I summon them.”

With that Haku walked off with Eliza and Luke.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:03 pm

"Right, We're on it Divine Sunflower" said Kali

Kali wears a vest and long pants, she then puts away the cell phone. In her hands she wields a very large battle axe. Her familiar was a porcupine that went by the name of Touriyu.

"Kali?" A Short guy asked.

Shiriyu, about the height of about 4'10, he carried three lances on his back and wore dull grey clothes. Random parts of his clothes were protected by plates of metal. His familiar was a mouse that went by the name of Mamiru

"It was the Boss, Shiriyu." Kali said,"Go wake up Isui."

Isui, a tall young man that was asleep in a nearby hammock, He carries a bow on his side and wears long green pants and a plain white shirt. His familiar is no where to be found.

"Hey Isui, get your lazy ass up."
Isui falls out of the hammock and punches Shiriyu,"Boy you don't wake me up when I don't want to."
"Boss called us, get your ass ready."

In a few moments they get back in front of Kali on a roof, around an intersection.
"Our targets are these three." Kali said as she pulls out her cellphone.
"They go by, Hector, Shiro, and Mira, they're the last of the peacekeepers."
"Oh that weakass faction?" Shiriyu scoffed.

"This ain't your ordinary weak group, they took out Lilian in near moments." Kali said as she pulls out a map,"We are to ambush them at this spot, they're heading for this destination, so we can stop them at the spot I just said."
"We'll fight them at the three way intersection." Isui said as he pulls out his arrows and a jar of poison.
"We won't fail the boss!" Shiriyu said as he pulls out two lances.
"Then lets move out."


Hector and the group moves through a three way intersection, suddenly Lin stops.
"Hector! theres something coming!"
From behind them an arrow passes by Hector's head barely missing him by a few inches. Ahead of them Kali with her axe out blocks their way, and to their right stands Shiriyu with a lance in each of his hands.

"Hey, Got any last words?" Kali shouted.
"Yeah? Who the hell are you?" Shiro responded.
"We're Unlucky Clover Squad, you don't need to know who sent us, just know that your going to die!"

Mira looks ahead at Shiriyu and draws out her sword and shield. She points Shiro toward Kali, and Hector turns around to face Isui. Lin stays behind the three of them keeping her guard up.
"Mira, we can't lose here." Hector said as he pulls out both of his pistols.
"That's right Bro, we can't." Shiro responds as he puts on his gauntlets.
Mira nods and looks dead on ahead at Shiriyu. Lin hisses as she looks in all three directions.

------------Mira Vs Shiriyu-------------

Mira and Shiriyu begin charging toward each other, Mira slams down her sword and a pillar of fire erupts around Shiriyu. He laughs as he sweeps his lances around him and dispels the fire. While he does, Mira already has her bow out and fires a few arrows at Shiriyu.

He blocks all three of the arrows and throws one of his lances at her. She quickly kicks up her shield she dropped and blocks it. She puts away her bow and picks up her sword and shield again. While she does this Shiriyu holds up his hand up to his face. The ground begins to rumble and spikes begin to erupt from the concrete. Mira quickly counters and slams her shield down below her letting out another pillar of fire that fires her skyward.
She dodges the spikes and swings her sword downward at Shiriyu. As she falls back down fire begins to build up and Shiriyu pulls out his Third lance and begins to spin both of his lances in his hands. The dust from the concrete builds up around him until a stone wheel appears.

Both of them collide as the Fire dissipates and the Stone wheel melts. Mira looks at Lin with worried eyes, as she looks back at Shiriyu.
Lin nods and runs over to Mira and hops onto her shoulder. Lin's dark aura begins to flow around Mira as her pendant glows a bright Red. Shiriyu whistles and calls over his familiar Mamiru, As Mamiru lands on his back a third arm appears and Mamiru dissipates. He picks up the Third spear and gets ready for whatever Mira is about to dish out.

"My Resolve is stronger than yours!" Mira shouts.
"Oh ho you can talk there can't you beauty?" Shiriyu scoffs.
"I'll use what my old mentor taught me", Mira thought,"Risoluto is the only way now."
Mira drops her shield and holds her sword with both of her hands and charges at Shiriyu. She swings her sword at Shiriyu, His first arm blocks it. But immediately she sweeps behind him and slashes at his back. His third arm blocks it, and she moves swiftly over to his side again and slashes, his second arm blocks it. Finally she sweeps at his feet slashing at his ankles. He notices and slides backwards getting the front of his feet cut at.
"Damn, Butterfly stings like a fucking viper."

--------------Shiro vs Kali--------------------

Kali leaps into the air and swings her axe At Shiro. Dodges quickly and tries to land a punch on her. She moves quickly with the heavy Axe and blocks it.
"You move pretty fast."
"And your really slow."
Shiro twitches and holds out both of his arms as he closes his eyes. A chilling wave surrounds his hands and a blue light faintly glows around him. He charges toward Kali and spins around while he does, moisture begins to build up around him and his hands.
Kali swings her axe around trying to counteract his movement. As soon as they hit the moisture thats built up covers Kali and Shiro slams into the axe with his gauntlets. Ice instantly appears onto the axe, but in mere moments ice also is all over Kali.
She begins bleeding as the various shards around her appear. Kali twitches as she stomps her foot calling over her familiar Touriyu. She puts her hands over him as he dissapears. Suddenly her long hair begins pointy as well, like that of a porcupines.
Shiro doesn't notice and charges toward her, this time she turns around and thousands of needles are rammed into Shiro. He slides backwards as blood splatters out from him.
Shiro falls to his knees and Kali raises her axe Above him.
"Heh, Bye boy." Kali shouted.
"Not yet!" Shiro cried out as the scar on his back glows a bright blue, and he uppercuts Kali in the jaw.
Shiro gets back up regardless of the massive amounts of blood that he is losing, and moves into onto Kali, letting out a combo of hits. He then uses his palms and pushes her backwards. Kali flies backwards before Shiro encases himself in a pillar of Ice.
"I need to recover for a moment, I hope I have enough time." Shiro thought as his blue scar grows a little larger and his body begins to heal rapidly.
Kali gets back up, bruised and battered, she begins to scream,"GET YOUR WEAK ASS BACK OUT HERE!"
She swings her axe furiously at the Pillar of Ice.

------------------Hector vs Isui----------------------------

They both face off each other, Bow pointed at Gun, Gun pointed at Bow.
"How about you move first punk?" Isui said.
"How about you die first?" Hector said.

Hector fires a bullet, and Isui fires an arrow stopping the bullet mid flight. Hector pulls out his bag of needles and puts away his pistols. As soon as Hector does, Isui fires an arrow. Hector throws a needle at it and stops the arrow before the needle breaks away into dust. Isui grabs a bunch of arrows into his hands and fires them into the air. Quickly the fall down from the sky raining down onto Him. Hector then throws up his needles into the air stopping each Arrow, before those needles too turn into dust.
Isui then fires another arrow as soon as Hector stops that one. Hector is hit in the arm, and he falls backwards but immediately gets back up. Hector rips out the arrow from his arm and throws his whole bag of needles and pulling out his pistols. Isui snaps his fingers and a bolt of lightning from a nearby streetlamp stops all the needles, before they too turn to dust.
"Do you feel any diffrent?" Isui asked.
"My poison, you should start making you move slower any time now."
"WHAT!?" Hector shouted.
Isui chuckled as he draws his bow once more, Hector tries to lift his arm but feels a slight stiffness. An arrow flies toward hector again, he lifts his other arm and fires at the arrow stopping it. Hector starts running to the side of Hector, but his left leg begins to go numb and he begins to move a little slower. Isui's hands fill up with electricity as he charges another arrow. Hector stops moving and places his stiff arm onto his pendant. Isui fires another arrow, a blue light surrounds Hector and the dust from all the needles and bullets rise up and stops the arrow.
"What the hell is that?"
"It's stardust, something you'll never live to understand."
The stardust begins to surround hector and rings of it surround his limbs and joints. He uses the remaining stardust to keep a small barrier up around himself. Hector begins running again as if the poison or his wound affected him, and he begins to let out a volley bullets.
Isui smiles and he fights back by firing a volley of arrows.
"I need to end this fast", Hector thought as he feels the effects of the poison run through his veins.

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Cory and Jeremy were ready and anxious to get actively involved in the war, but the girls, mainly Katherine, managed to convince them to sleep before they took any action. Laufeia needed no sleep, and had some business to take care of, so she told Cory she would be back, and left them to get their rest.

She would have made it back to her apartment faster, if she weren't trying to avoid the sun. The sky wasn't completely clear, but the afternoon sun was very uncomfortable for Laufeia, so she took as many shady routes as she could. She was nearly there when a scent she picked up made her stop dead in her tracks. She stood still as a statue before moving on, more cautiously.

Steven was sitting on his sofa, the back of which was against the wall in between his apartment and his neighbor's. He was eating from a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos with Lime and watching TV. A strange pale man with yellow eyes was saying something.

"We are more alike than unalike, my dear Captain. I have pores. Humans have pores. I have... fingerprints. Humans have fingerprints. My chemical nutrients are like your blood. If you prick me... do I not... leak?"

Chris was about to bite into a cheeto when he heard a strange noise from behind him. Was that a dog? he thought. He heard a snarl clearer than the first one and put down the bag of cheetos. He stepped up onto the sofa cushions and pressed his ear to the wall, brow furrowed.


Chris fell off the sofa and onto the tray stand in front of it. He toppled to the floor with it.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" he hopped and scrambled to the phone. Yea, Hello? This is 42B, there's like a vicious dog or something next door, 42C."

On the other side of the wall Laufeia was standing quite still in her kitchen. Smiling wickedly a few feet in front of her was a tall man with black wavy hair and a Roman nose.

"I was beginning to think I'd never find you my dear," and then he laughed. "I thought you might have disappeared off the face of the planet," he thought that was very funny. "I guess I was just looking in the wrong places. I never thought I'd find you in a place like this. What are you doing here?" he looked genuinely curious now, "In the middle of a vamp-wolf war?" He was silent for a moment, and then he laughed. "What am I thinking? You won't answer any of my questions, will you?" Laufeia never moved, never broke eye contact with him. He held out his hand to her, his lips formed a wicked half-smile. She remained a statue. He chuckled as his lips parted into a toothy smile. He dropped his arm as his mouth opened more with his laugh, two brilliant white fangs stood out. His laughter turned into a vicious snarl. He snapped his teeth and snarled menacingly at her. "I'd kill you now, but that would be too nice. Besides, I have a feeling you won't run away from this place," his mouth settled back down into a wicked smile, "and I think I'd like to find out why." He walked up to her so his face was right in front of hers, "I'll be watching you, Laufeia." He disappeared out the front door. A moment later there was a knock at the door. Laufeia walked towards it. She opened the door. A man was standing there.

She glared at him, he gulped. "There was a report of a dog in your apartment. Pet's aren't allowed." She raised her eyebrows and swung the door all the way open, to reveal a serene, empty apartment. She never took her eyes from his. His eyes darted around the apartment, then back to hers, "Right, well," he hesitated, "no pets…" he managed, and then turned and left very quickly.

She closed the door, and walked back to the kitchen. She opened the fridge, and pulled out a crate of oranges.

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Shiro breaks out of the ice, completely re-energized. But the scar on his back grew to a larger size that it covered 70% of it. He pushes Kali back with his palms as she rolls backwards. He then begins running to the center, whistling with his hands.

Mira hears the whistle and uses this to regroup, she slams her sword down and a wall of fire appears in front of her. She leaves Shiriyu behind it and runs to the center as well.

Hector notices Mira running and fires another volley before running back to the center. Isui dodges the volley and fires an arrow at Hector's leg. He trips as the arrow pierces through his leg, but thanks to the stardust he keeps running forward.

"Hector!" Mira cried out, as she caught him.
"Hey, you can talk again." Hector coughed.
"Only because Lin is still on me."
Kali gets back up even more enraged and charges toward the three of them. Shiriyu slashes away at the fire and also goes toward them. Isui is still walking forward, picking up every arrow he can find along the way.
"Hey you two, we still have a problem."
Hector holds up his pendant as the poison takes effect on him. A bright golden light shines out from it. Mira pulls out her pendant and places it next to his, and so does Shiro. The Light from the pendants resonate with each other. Kali runs up and slashes as Shiro, but he turns around and punches her in the face. Hector comes up behind her and releases a wave of stardust needles. Finally Mira comes up and guts her with the long sword. Kali rolls onto the ground in a pool of blood. Isui pulls out a handful of arrows and charges them with electricity. He fires all of the arrows at them. Mira and Shiro move out of the Way, but Hector is left in the shock.

"Hector!" Mira and Shiro cry out as a large bolt of lightning blinds the area.
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A bright endearing grin hid Fabrizio's intended malice. Without any significant effort, he managed to corner Vanessa. Excitement quickly overcame the unmatched couple. Both had completely different expectations of the event they unfolded. Vanessa was absolutely lost in the splendor of the escape Fabrizio had provided her. Fabrizio was absolutely lost in his bloodlust. Quickly, be became overeager. He ravenoulsy traced his lips along her neck and stroked her arm. He fought the urge to bite inte her skin all at once. Usually, he liked to tease his prey. He always waited until they completely surrendered, before striking. This time, though, the hunger in his veins was overwhelming. It stung at him in a way it had never done, before. He braced himself for the clench. Something caught his eye just as his teeth broke past her soft, thin skin. Vanessa bore the mark of the Wyld. Conspicuosly enough, the tattoo of a canine set of fangs taunted him on her shoulder. He had been too distracted to notice it earlier. The shock thrust itself over him like an avalanche. Vanessa wailed in disgust and pushed him away. The blood oozed out of her neck as she exerted her force. She remained in place, though. Despite his apparent daze, Fabrizio kept a tight grip on the girl. He regained his senses and finished his task. He knew he would not be able to hide the evidence of his deed, well enough, if her blood splattered on any of the surfaces of her room.

"You monster! You killer!!!! LET ME GO!!!" Vanessa's thoughts touched his thoughts vividly as he continued to draw her blood.

"I can't," he thought back, "you alredy let yourself go."

Without a sound, Vanessa ceased to think. She fell limply over Fabrizio. A sudden dread filled Fabrizio from head to toe. The consequence of his actions finally solidified in his mind. The Wyld were not a pleasant people. In fact, they were always willing to unleash their brutalitly upon any unspuspecting vampire. Fabrizio could not imagine what those wolves would do to him. Obviously, Vanessa herself had not been a wolf. She had been acquainted with them, otherwise. It was likely for her to have siblings, a brother, or an uncle that was a Wyld. That worsened Fabrizio's situation tenfold. Wyld males were very protective of their human relatives. They were even more protective of their female relatives. He had to cover his tracks without haste. A wyld could have found Fabrizio in Vanessa's apartment with her dead body and could have granted him a worse fate.

Fabrizio ripped Vanessa's comforter and ripped holes into her mattress while simultaneously holding her over his shoulder. He then smeared her blood over the torn bed and the rest of the carpet. The wolves would have trouble finding his scent underneath Vanessa's scent. He then wrapped Vanessa up in the extra linen she kept in her closet and carried her out into the street in broad daylight. It was without a doubt the most brash thing he had ever done.

Desperation clearly drove him to do the stupidest thing he had ever done.

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The stardust is kicked up into the intersection, everyone caught around the blast can only see the golden dust that once surrounded Hector. Tears begin to fall down from Mira's face as she grabs her sword and shield. She begins dashing toward the direction in which she thought was Isui.
"Mira!" Shiro shouted,"Where are you!?"
Lin followed behind Mira, only able to due to that she can barely sniff her out within the dust.
A Spear flies out in front of Mira, she slides under it and toward Isui still. Another one goes toward her legs, she flips forward and still keeps going. Finally the last Spear comes out from in front of her and impales her left arm, she drops her shield and runs forward. The spear still in arm she reaches Shiriyu's arm and slashes it off.
"What the.." Shiriyu said as the surge of pain from his lost arm reaches him. But before Shiriyu can say anything else, Mira slices her sword down onto his head, blood sprays out before he falls to the ground. She rips the spear out of her arm and looks around.

A Few arrows fly toward Mira, she blocks them with her sword and heads toward their direction.
Meanwhile, Shiro fires a surge of water into the sky, creating a temporary rainstorm clearing up the stardust. He then notices Shiriyu dead and Mira, charging at Isui, with a large gaping wound in her arm. Isui grins as Mira approaches, he fires a few arrows into the concrete. Mira walks over where he fired and a shock of lightning surges through her body. She falls over onto the ground as Lin finally catches up and runs over next to Mira.
"Mira! Get up!" Lin meowed as she started licking her Face. Mira slowly gets up, but before she finally does, Isui fires another volley.

"Hold on Mira!" Shiro shouted as he punched the ground an a wall of ice appears in front of her. The arrows shatter the ice and fall to the ground, Shiro then leaps over Mira and runs toward Isui. Lin sticks near Mira, looking at her with worried eyes.

"Die already." Isui says as he fires an arrow to his right. Shiro looks at him as if he were crazy, firing off in a different direction. Shiro leaps up into the air at him, Arm pulled back as a cold wind blows around him. Suddenly the arrow he fired U-turns around and hits Shiro in the Abdomen. Shiro falls to the ground only inches away from Isui.
"You think a punch could kill me, Boy?" Isiu said, as he walks up to Shiro with an Arrow pointed at his skull. Shiro mumbles a little, and Isui stands there cautiously.
"What was that, boy?"
"I said, Yeah I think it could!" Shiro cried out as the blue scar on his back glowed even brighter, and his pendant of the Moon shone brighter aswell. He then uppercuts Isui, His bow flies out of his hand and the arrow hits Shiro's leg.
"I'll Kill you for taking down my brother!" Shiro shouts as he begins to furiously Punch Isui. Random bits of Ice begin to cling onto Isui as Shiro punches. Finally Shiro grabs him by the skull and says,"Got any words left, bitch?"
"Yeah" Isui coughed,"Mission Succeeded."


Shiro slams Isui into the concrete, his skull shattering onto the ground and his brains spewing out. Shiro walks over to Mira and places his hand over her face. A gentle blue light glows onto Mira, as she slowly begins to heal a little. Shiro stops as the scar on his back grows to eighty percent.
"Shiro..." Lin meowed as she walks over to him. Tears fall down from his eyes as he falls to the ground onto his knees.
"Hector, it's not time for him to go, not yet Lin!"
Lin hops onto Shiro's shoulder and licks him on the cheek. She purrs as she sits on his shoulder,"It's alright, He did what had to be done."
"It's not alright Lin!" Shiro cried,"We were supposed to stay alive, all four of us, together!"

Mira gets up and walks over to Hector's battered body. She turns Hector over, His eyes closed peacefully and his bleeding lips opened slightly. Mira's Pendant of the Sun resonated with Hector's pendant of the Stars. Mira hovers over his body, her tears falling onto his chest, teardrops are left spotted onto his shirt. Hector lays there with his arms out to his side, His peaceful face looking back at her, and his pendant facing Mira. She bends down looking deeply at Hector's face, her memories flowing through her mind and her tears as they fall onto him. She bends down even closer, her breath close to his lips.

The pendants shone even brighter and a blinding light shines around the both of them. The Life on Hector's face returns, his body heals from his wounds.Mira feels the warmth from Hector's lips return to his cold body. Hector raises his arms and places them around Mira. He holds her tightly as their lips stay locked together. Hector's tears flowing from the side of his face, as Mira's falls onto his cheeks. Both pendants shine brightly as the pendant of the sun begins to shine a golden red, and the pendant of the stars begins to shine a white light instead of a gold. Hector picks Mira back up into his arms as he rises off the ground.

"I'm sorry Mira, for doing something so stupid." Hector said, Mira shakes her head, she looks into his eyes and the words on her lips says,"Don't be". She rises up to his face again and kisses him onto the lips. Shiro and Lin approaching the both of them, large smiles on their faces as they stand there.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:02 am

Unfamiliar buildings and unfamiliar faces appeared before Fabrizio at a quickening pace. Before long, faces merged with the buildings. Sound and sight became indistinguishable. Fabrizio was darting past the cityscaple with an unimaginable speed. He could not run fast enough to escape the overwhelming anxiety that consumed him. His frantic disposition inhibited his acute senses. Sight and sound became indistinguishable. He was running blindly with letting only his sense of smell guide him. Somehow, that sense had not vanished.

One scent struck him like a bolt of lightining. Instantly, he gave in to its allure. He recognized it, but could not pinpoint its owner. He did not have to look far, though. Ethan pulled him into a shadowed alley way. The pureblood's disapproval beamed from the stern look on his face. Fabrizio panted heavily as he tried to regain his composure. His efforts were in vain, though. He remained flustered and resorted to listening to Ethan before he could offer an argument in his own defense.

Ethan's eyes were blazing red like two embers raging out of control. He spoke while cringing, his voice was raw and deep, "I should save you the trouble and kill you now!"

Fabrizio remained slightly dazed and could only reply with a small nod. There was nothing he could offer Ethan in reparation.

"I cannot suppose that the Wyld will grant you a ending worthy of your stupidity," his voice became a growl and lost all of its human qualities. "Where is the girl?!"

Fabrizio remained completely stupified. "WHERE IS THE GIRL?!" Ethan shoved Fabrizio into the building and clenched his throat.

"I didn't know what to do. I panicked....I forgot to clear my scent...." Fabrizio spoke in a frenzied rush.

"ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!" With one sleek movement, Ethan threw Fabrizio on the floor and pinned him down with his foot.

Fabrizio wheezed,"She's in the ship channel...."

Finally, Ethan seemed sated.

"She also on the island....and in the woods outside the city....." Fabrizio's voice quivered.

Without notice, Ethan crushed Fabrizio's ribs. The sound pulsated loudly in Fabrizio's ears. The pain escaped him. He continued to feel numb.

"You forgot to mention one last detail," Ethan spoke softly, gravely.

Fabrizio gasped in realization, "I left the linen...."

Ethan tossed a scorched bundle over Fabrizio.

"In her apartment....."

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:27 pm

Light purring broke a long, icy silence. Lucy stepped into the room Evelyn and Alexander inhabited. Affectionately, the cat walked up to Evelyn and nudged the vampire's leather boot. Evelyn smiled tenderly and pet the cat gingerly. Beside her, Alexander stood and watched them. A bright smile formed on his face. Happiness quickly evaded him, though. A strong entity filled the room lashing out against the walls with deep anguish. That anguish was engulfed by a wave of pure, unadultered rage. Alexander knew the second entity well. It was Ethan.

The front door of the empty loft swung open. Ethan walked through the doorway pushing Fabrizio into the middle of the room. "Alexander," Ethan exclaimed, "I have an enormous problem you must attend." Without haste, Alexander made his way down the spiraling black, steel staircase. "Enormous? Fabrizio's barely a medium sized man," Alexander responded jokingly, despite Ethan's apparent irritation.

Ethan refused to acknowledge Alexander's jest and instead directed his attention towards Fabrizio. Fabrizio watched them wearily. "Why hasn't Evelyn come to greet us?" Fabrizio asked ignoring his better judgement.

"I haven't greeted you because I didn't feel like speaking to rodents," Evelyn appeared sitting on the last steps of the staircase. "What kind of mischief did this joke get himself into, Ethan? Don't spare any details."

Ethan nodded in reponse and procedeed to provide an explanation. "Fabrizio fed on a girl that had a strong affiliation with the Wyld pack. He then dismembered teh girl's body and hid the sections in Galveston, the ship channel, and in a small wooded area by the Woodlands."

"And if that weren't bad enough," Fabrizio added, before either Alexander or Evelyn could interject, "I left the girl's clothing and some of her linen near your apartment."

Fabrizio hit the floor face-forward before he could discern what had hit him. Evelyn proceeded to kick him with the heel boot, but Alexander calmly held her back by the shoulders. "The Wyld live separately in small towns outside of the city," Alexander said, "We can still evade them, but we have to act quickly.

Ethan nodded in agreement. "What should we do about the Pecora?"

"Let him rot," Evelyn spat.

Alexander replied nonchalantly, "Let Alfonso deal with his sheep."

"Will you come with us, Ethan?" Evelyn added, "Or will you stay behind and fight the war?"

Ethan grinned knowingly, but did not answer immediately. "You two should leave, now."

Evelyn studied his face for a moment, but quickly resigned. The pair walked out the door before Fabrizio could bid them farewell. Ethan merely looked at Fabrizio sternly before leaving. The pecora was left alone in the center of the loft. He was alone with this dread. He knew the Wyld would find him. Time took him over, once more.

Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:20 pm

Addie took a moment to look at the dishevled state she was in. Everyone was getting re-dressed and refreshed, after the long night that they had just endured. Jeremy was getting first aid attention from Katherine when the werewolf got up and went to the door.

"where are you going?" Cory asked, seeing her intentions. She turned to him and nodded. "goodbye for now" gesturing with a blood-stained hand, she pointed out the clear mess. "I believe I need to clean up". The werewolf smiled at her own understatement, then turned quickly, going out the door.

The wind blew calmly, and the weather was cool. Addie took a deep happy breath and set off to find a source of water, taking care to go though unpopulated areas. Back in the apartment, Katherine looked up from her care of Jeremy's wounds. "wait, why didn't she use our shower?" Cory shrugged.


Kieran sat leisurly in a chair, his arms propped up on a larger table. He was listening vaguely to the heated arguement between vampires. "With the FIRST issue, do you realize how many we lost in that fight??" the vampire was unknown to Kieran. "it was a massacre!" Alphonse, his temporary 'boss' held an aged hand up. "there are plenty of young vampires around.. they aren't important." he continued "and if you are so worried about the death count.. don't die"

the unnamed vampire stood angrily for a moment, spitting out "that WEREWOLF is a danger. One woman killing all those changlings? Impossible"

Pulling out a flask, Kieran took this opportunity to speak up "a hunter also... and that werewolf, as you so kindly deem her, has a name, you know?" he grinned and took a drink. "Tea?" he held out the flask to the vampire, who at this time was white with rage.

"I haven't said anything before, but who is HE?" another vampire spoke this time, his name something rhyming with wall, or something. Kieran didn't care. "He reaks of a dog"

Resting his head on a hand, Kieran gives the vampire who had spoken a wink and a smile, bearing his teeth. "A dog? Come on now, how do you think I feel? A man can't breathe with the lot of you taking his fresh air."

Alphonse gestures sideways at the sitting man. "This is Kieran. He is what is keeping the berserker you are so worried about from killing you."

"but.. he is a WEREWOLF, how can we trust--"

The door burst open, interrupting his statement. "we have a problem." Ethan's dark black eyes flashed with anger, giving off a twinge of red. He threw a pale Fabrizio in the middle of the floor, still slightly bruised from his already healed broken ribcage.

"Thanks to this idiot, we may have started another pack after us." Fabrizio said nothing, only glancing up at the others. He smiled weakly. "I was rushed, not thinking..."

Kieran walked to the door, bore. "I have no intrest in politcs. As long as I get what I need accomplished." He waved."you know how to contact me. the way, where are the two I was assigned to protect for that one time?"

Alphonse shifted his eyes to the man's direction. "Evelyn and Alexander? They are taking no place in the war. There is no need for your concern." Ethan looked up. "somehow, I don't think they're gonna make it out. They may be forced into fighting."


Addie looked down at the water by her feet. A few feet away, a bright yellow signread WARNING: DO NOT EAT FISH. She touched the water uneasiy, wondering if it was poisoned. There was nobody around, which was good, but made her wonder if something really WAS wrong with the water. She was still poking at the lake when someone walked up behind her.


Addie looked up, suprised, from where she was laying waist deep in the lake. Her brown eyes were wide as she scrambled to her knees. "It's COLD!!" she complained automantically, seeing the amused face of Kieran. "don't laugh!" She pouted slightly, huffing.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but I couldn't resist." He smiled at her sincerely, bending closer with his hand outstreched to brush a wet lock of hair out of her vision.

Addie took a sharp breath, the epiphany of who she was conversing with sinking in. She reached up to grab his hand slowly, not daring to say anything. But he pulled away. Instead he made his way deeper into the lake, dragging along Addie. "H-hey?!" she wriggled to get out of his grip, but to no effect. "oh hush now, you need a shower, and I am not about to walk in the streets explaining why you are like this to get to one."

It was completely dark when the two werewolves got to Kieran's apartment. Addie looked up at it with slight disbelief. "You have a house?" Kieran shrugged. "came with the job." Addie wondered what exactly he had been doing for the past years, but was cut off before she could inquire.

Instead, she got some articles of clothing tossed at her. "what is this?" she asked. "You can't wear what you are wearing now, can you? Addie grinned. "you planned this, then?" Unfolding the clothes, she stared at him accusingly. Kieran smiled innocently. "what?" he asked "I think you would look good in a miniskirt" Addie threw his little present at his head. He ducked to avoid getting smacked in the head.

"alright, alright, but you are just too cute to mess with!" He tossed her some more clothes, then guided her to the bathroom. All the while laughing

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Sat Feb 23, 2008 12:33 am

In a deserted building, Shiro lays on an old couch, and Lin is walking around on top of him. Across from them, Mira sits upright asleep in an old chair. Hector is asleep next to the door, with his pistol out right next to him. Shiro looks around the dusty room and looks out the boarded up window.
"Such a useful place, deserted yeah?" Shiro whispered.
"Useful? You mean dirty." Lin meowed as she walks over Shiro's head.

Shiro grabs Lin, and picks her up into his arms and picks up a stool and moves over the window. A Bright light shines through the dusty windows. Shiro looks outside, A street lamp stationed right outside the window shines brightly. A few moths fly around the light as Shiro looks away.

"This is not a day that I expected."
"I know Shiro, but at least we're all okay."
"I won't let Mira or Hector get hurt like that again, I'll save them at my own life even." Shiro looks down at the wooden floor, he then looks at Mira and then Hector.
Mira has a bandage wrapped around her impaled arm, and various bandages to cover up other scratches. Hector has bandages wrapped around his right eye, left leg and right arm.
"I'm not even as hurt as bad as they are, and it's only because of my scar."
"Don't dwell over what happened, you shouldn't keep that in."
"I could've helped them, but my Pendant of the moon couldn't help me in the afternoon sun." Shiro began,"Only Hector and Mira had the strength to fight. When the sun is in the sky Mira gets stronger, When a star is in the sky Hector gets stronger, which means I can't fight during the day like they can."

Shiro scratches Lin's back and she purrs a little. He walks over to the couch again and falls backwards onto it.
"We need to regroup with that other group soon."
"But we have to avoid the hunters." Lin meowed.
"Yeah, I hope we can make it there safely this time."
"Don't worry, with us three together, What can stop us?"
"Your right."
Shiro smiles and messes with Lin's ears, she hisses and bites him on the thumb.
"Don't mess with my ears!"
He smiles again anyway and places a pillow on the Ground. Lin hops onto the pillow and curls up into a ball.
"G'night Lin."
"Night, child of the Moon."
"Hey don't call me that!"
Lin meows affectionately and closes her eyes. Shiro looks at the dusty windows once more, before his eyes close and sleep overtakes him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:30 pm

As the night rolls on, Lin gets cold and decides to Sleep on Shiro's head. Shiro mumbles a little while he dreams.


A little boy cries out, blood covers his shirt as he wanders a bloody battlefield. He walks over a few dead bodies until he comes across one.
The man moves slightly, one eye open and a pair of gauntlets in his hands.
"H..hey...Shiro.." He whispers as he moves his hand and places it on his cheek. Shiro's eyes wells up in tears as he looks down at his fading father.

"Dad, you can make it come on we'll get the medic and-and everything will be alright!"
"No! Dad I'll go get help!"
Shiro looks around the field, two figures at a distant are seen running toward him.
"Dad look!" Shiro cried out,"There's people coming to help!"
Shiro's father looks at the direction of the two figures, his eye widens ever bigger.
"Shiro...Quickly, take my...gauntlets."
"Do it!"
Shiro grabs his father's gauntlets from his hands. And he slowly gets back up.
"Dad? What.." Shiro began, before he was interrupted by his father.
"I.. Want you" He said as blood ran down his shoulder,"Go find Hector."
"What, Dad, I don't understand!"
"Just go!"
But before Shiro can run, a whip lashes onto his back as he falls to the ground.
"Shiro!" His father cried out, before the other figure slices him in half with his sword. His mouth moves lisping the words,"I love you son."

"Rai, that Looks like thats the last survivor."
"I guess so, Mura, but what about this boy?"
"Kill him."
Rai raises his sword above Shiro's head and swings downward. The scar on Shiro's back from the whip begins to glow blue, his bleeding wound heals together as he gets grabs the sword and snaps it in half. Shiro puts on the gauntlets and punches Rai in the Jaw as he falls backwards.
"Little boy got spunk!" Mura said as she raises her whip and lashes out at him. It lands onto his arm, but immediately he grabs it and pulls Mura toward him. He punches her in the face and throws her back. His grip still on the whip as he pulls her toward him again, landing another punch. She falls to the ground, blood draining out from her ears and eyes.

The scar on Shiro's back begins to grow even larger and covers a small part of his back. Shiro places his hand on his back, confused by what has just happened. He walks over to his father's body once more. Cut into two, his eyes wells up into tears as he runs away.


Shiro wakes up on the couch, eyes wide open. Lin flies across the room and hits the wall.
"Shiro, What the hell!?" Lin hisses as she leaps at him scratching at his face.
Shiro crawls into a ball holding has face shouting,"SORRY!"
Hector wakes up and looks at Shiro and Lin. Mira jumps up from her chair and has her sword in the air. Until she realizes theres no threat, she slumps back into her chair staring at Shiro and Lin.
"Oh, Sorry." Shiro said as he chuckles and they all fall back asleep.
"Worst idea ever to sleep on Shiro's head." Lin thought as she curled up in Mira's lap instead.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:37 pm

Katherine had convinced Cory and Jeremy to sleep, but Cory had convinced Katherine that someone needed to remain awake and alert at all times. Katherine took the first shift, Jeremy the middle, and Cory was currently lying on the sofa, staring at the ceiling. He could hear Jeremy snoring on the floor in John's room. Katherine was on the bed. Other than that, and some city noises outside, it was pretty quiet. Cory used the time and serenity to process what was going on. Their world had literally flipped upside down in less than 24 hours. What had happened? Come to think of it, he wasn't really sure why the Houston area vampires and werewolves were at war. And then there were the hunters, led by this "Divine Sunflower" who was in fact, Katherine's twin sister. Whoa. And it didn't even stop there. He had found Addie, a peculiar female werewolf, from he didn't even have a clue where. She was a very different werewolf from any other he had ever met. Her kind was apparently more volatile than any other family of werewolf Cory knew about. He would have to ask Katherine more about her later. There was yet another group, the "peacekeepers". Katherine and Addie had spent a few hours in their company. Katherine had promised more information about them as well. And finally, there was one other person, one whom Cory seemed to know more about than anyone else did, and yet, he knew so little. Laufeia was very peculiar. Cory frowned at the ceiling. Where had she come from? Why was she trying to help him? What did she want? And what on Earth was she? Maybe she wasn't from Earth, maybe she was a martian. Cory laughed quietly and scratched his shoulder. He flipped over onto his side for a change of view. He saw a mess of stacks of newspapers, TV guides and car magazines on the coffee table in front of him. He noticed that the light coming in from the windows was fading. Night was falling again. He was a little anxious to get back out on the playing field, but he knew it was right of Katherine to make them sleep and shower. He sat up on the sofa, and tapped his fingers rapidly on the cushion beside him. He held his face in his other hand, impatient. His thoughts drifted to his family. Had they made it far enough away safely before the war had started, or the battles had begun? He hadn't heard from them. It had been almost a day since they had left, which was almost a day after he had found the vampire wandering around in werewolf territory. He gasped. "Sam" he whispered under his breath. "Shoot. What in the world is wrong with me?" He had completely forgotten that his cousin Sam was supposed to meet him at his place that night. He panicked for a second, had something happened to her? No, it was probably just because Uncle Stephen had returned that night with Jeremy and Elizabeth, but the vampires had declared war. He had seen a bloody battle field. He pulled out his phone.


Before he could place the call, the front door flew open and someone ran into the apartment. Cory had heard the key in the lock and threw himself himself off the sofa. He stopped in front of the open door as it crashed into the wall.

The young man standing in the doorway had his mouth open as if he were about to yell something. He froze, then he sighed in relief. "Cory, you're alright…thank goodness," he closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. "What about Jeremy? Katherine?"

Cory's mouth was open. "Uh," he blinked and shook his head slightly, "They are now. They're asleep. Well, I dunno if they are anymore. Way to make an entrance John."

"Way to not answer your phone Cory," John said, slightly accusingly. "Do you have any idea how worried we've been? Uncle Stephen calls dad to make sure everything is alright, and dad ends up finding out the reason Uncle Stephen is worried, is because the vampires have declared war on us! War Cory! And we haven't heard a word from you all day! So naturally the first thing we do is call home, no answer. We call everyone's cell phones. You don't answer, J doesn't answer, and whoever answered Katherine's informed us that they had found the phone on some sidewalk. We call and call and nobody answers. Dad almost had a heart attack, and Elizabeth is probably still crying…"

"John, John, calm down," Cory held up his hands, "We're fine." John closed his eyes again as he took a deep breath.

He closed the door. "Wait, when you say 'They are now.'?…"

"He means that we weren't for a few hours," both boys turned to Cory's left. "Did I really lose my phone? I hadn't even noticed." Katherine walked out from behind the door to John's bedroom. "Probably when Addie was carrying me around. Sorry, I was listening in. Way to wake me up John," she smiled as she walked towards them. John's expression was very strange. He looked like he was relieved to see Katherine, but worried about why she had been in some kind of trouble. The relieved part of him came out first. He threw his arms around her.

Cory rolled his eyes, "Some worried brother you are, I didn't even get a hug. Katherine, is Jeremy really still asleep?"

She laughed over John's shoulder, "kid sleeps like a rock, huh?"

"That's unbelievable, John could've killed us all."

"Or maybe I was pretending to be asleep, in the hopes of gaining a tactical advantage over the intruder," Jeremy claimed, suddenly appearing around the door to his room.

"Liar," everyone else said at once.

"Butt-heads," Jeremy retorted.

"Oh!" Cory mocked, "that was such a great comeback. I'm so proud of my little brother, sleeping beauty."

Jeremy launched himself at Cory. "HEY!" John roared, finally letting go of Katherine and putting a hand out in front of Jeremy's chest to stop him. "ENOUGH YOU TWO! We have enough to deal with!" Jeremy and Cory looked at John, slightly shocked.

"Just messin' around John," Jeremy muttered, looking down.

"Exactly!" John accused. "This is a serious situation."

"Yea," there was a new boldness in Jeremy's voice, "I know." He pushed his brother's hand off of him and walked to the kitchen. Everyone else was silent. He opened the fridge and pulled out a half-filled gallon container of milk. He pulled off the top and drank it straight from the carton. John walked in, followed by Cory and Katherine.

"Sorry J," John apologized, "Really, sorry. What happened?" Jeremy was drinking the milk fast, but paused.

"Nothing, I'm fine, but, I'm not a kid anymore, I know what's going on John."

"I keep forgetting that," John replied. "We haven't seen a lot of each other lately have we?" Jeremy shrugged, finishing off the milk. He turned to Cory and Katherine to show he was talking to everyone now. "I'm supposed to take all you guys back to dad…" John began.

"No way!" Cory cut him off. "Uh-uh," Jeremy agreed.

"I know, I know," John stopped them before they could say anymore. "Katherine do you want to leave?"

Both Cory and Jeremy found this question very funny. They tried very hard to keep their laughs to themselves. "She won't run away with you John," Jeremy said. Cory had to leave the room at that, he could be heard guffawing down the hall. Jeremy hid his amused face behind the milk carton. John and Katherine kept straight faces. Solemn, Katherine shook her head slowly. "I can't," she said, "It's my sister," she added, very quietly.

"Huh?" John asked. "Well…anyway…I guess we won't go anywhere then. Dad's not gonna like that idea."

"Ah-ha," Cory walked back into the kitchen, amusement had not totally left his face. "My battery died," he explained about his phone. "What about yours J?"

"Huh?" Jeremy asked. "My phone? Oh…I bet it's in the bottom of that dumpster. I haven't missed mine either"

"Right…the bottom of that dumpster…does someone maybe wanna explain to me what I missed?" John suggested.

"I nominate Katherine," answered Cory, and then he walked away towards the front door.

"I second," and John wandered off too.

"What?" John asked, wondering why no one wanted to explain.

"It's a long story," answered Katherine

"I haven't even been gone for a day."

"I know. Come on." She led him to his room, where they sat down on his bed. "So," she began, "shortly after you left, Cory found this girl…"

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PostSubject: Re: The Story Part 1   Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:03 pm

Shiro drools as edge of his gaping maw and onto the couch. Hector sleeps across the door this time, with his pistol by his side. Mira sleeps her head tilted forward facing Lin's sleepy body.


A Teenage girl walks around an old shack, she turns right into a dusty old hall.
"Hector?" Mira cried out as she walked around, "Shiro?"
Hector jumps out from behind a door and Grabs Mira,"Boo!"
"Wha!" Mira shouts as she elbows him in the face. Hector falls onto the ground with a bleeding nose.
"Mira!" Hector screamed,"That was unnecessary!"
"It was when you scare me!"
Shiro runs into Hector after hearing all the commotion. Mira moves into the next room letting them both fall onto the ground.
"Ok, I think I'm dieing now." Hector mumbled as blood trails off onto the wood floor. Shiro walks over Hector and stands next to Mira,"Haha Sorry Hector."

Hector gets back up and dusts himself off before putting a handkerchief up to his nose.
"So what is it Mira?" Shiro asked as Mira holds up a box in front of her.
"Remember that Box my Mom gave me awhile back?" Mira said,"I finally got it open!" She smiles as she opens up the Box. The locks on it turn out of the way, as three pendants are revealed to them. A Scroll lays next to the three pendants.
Shiro picks up the scrolls and unravels it as he begins to read.
"The Treasures from ancient yore, The Pendant of the Sun, The Pendant of the Moon, and The Pendant of the Stars. These contain and wield great power that shouldn't not be used unless necessary."

"I think now is a good time to use these right?" Mira smiled as she waves her hand over them. As she waved it for the Pendant of the Sun, a gentle red light emits from it. She notices and waves her hand over the Other two, No reaction is seen.
"Why does this one glow when my Hand is over it?"
"I don't know." Hector mumbled,"Let me try it."
Hector waves his hands over the three pendants, The Pendant of the Stars emit a golden light. Shiro looks and moves his hand over The Pendant of the Moon, it emits a strong blue light.
"Maybe It means we should take it." Shiro suggested as he picks up the Pendant. Suddenly a Blue light surrounds him as the Pendant ties itself around his neck and rests there. The other two pendants does the same to Hector and Mira, a bright light surrounds the both of them aswell.

"I feel..Diffrent." Shiro said as he looks at himself.
"Is there instructions to these things?" Hector asked.
Mira grabs the Scroll out of Shiro's hands and begins to read it.
"The Pendant of the Sun allows the owner to wield fire, many other extraordinary attributes come with this, but are currently unknown to us. The same can be applied to the other two pendants."
"The Pendant of the Moon allows the owner to wield water and its various forms as a gas liquid or solid."
"Finally The Pendant of the Stars allows the owner to create and utilize stardust to any means necessary."

Hector and Shiro look at their pendants before looking back at Mira. She too seems a little confused and looks back at the scroll.

"Wait, that wasn't the end of the scroll, theres something else scribbled on here." Mira said.

"Mira, I knew you'd get this open one day, Remember Hector and Shiro will always be with you and these pendants will guide your way forward, Love Mom."

A tear rolls down her face as she begins to sniffle a little. She shoves the scroll back into the Box and starts shouting,"Why didn't you use this Mom, Then that means you wouldn't have had to die!"


Lin jumps up into the Air, hearing Mira's voice. Shiro and Hector lay there still asleep. Mira looks at Lin and smiles a little, while she scratches Lin's back.
"I hope you remember that Only I can hear you." Lin meowed as she hopped off Mira's lap.
"Go back to sleep, I'll go find another spot."
Mira nods and closes her eyes as Lin walks over to Hector. She moves next to his stomach and curls up into a ball.
"He better not have a crazy dream too." Lin thought as she closed her eyes once more.
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The Story Part 1
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